Reviews For Dwell Magazine

As far as visuals go, this mag is a work of art!

This magazine is extremely well designed, produced and it's content is intriguing. I would have to admit, this is pretty much GQ for home renovators, meaning, most of us will never ever have enough money to buy even a faucet from any of the designs. As a Graphic Designer I have to say this magazine is one of my favorites to just glance at. Every picture is amazing, every page is well designed and laid out. The content is well written. The materials used wreak polish and quality. It's not the magazines fault I'm poor, but its images of extreme opulence remind me.

Modern purpose built homes featured

Some of the houses are really stunning. A part of the problem is that many of the houses they feature are built as modern homes. In a recent issue they showed some old homes that were converted over. What I would like to see is them taking a colonial home and converting it. That being said its a very good magazine for people that like modern homes. There is appropriate advertising that can help you outfit your home. Most of the home items shown are not top dollar, but they show you where to get things that look top dollar but are cheap. Overall its a pretty good magazine, if your into modern homes you should get it.

Appropriate for Interior and Exterior Design

This magazine is excellent for those who are interested in contemporary design. Thank God someone cares enough about those of us who love such.

Short and precise

Most articles are the perfect length for me and all filled with interesting pictures. gives a good taste of worldwide interior design.

I'm Done With Dwell

I have been an enthusiastic reader of Dwell for a couple of years. I liked it for it's focus on modern housing and home products. I have become bored with some of the content aimed at teaching readers about product design and commercial buildings. I am interested mainly in articles about modern homes, interiors, landscapes and furniture. I'm also tired of having environmentalism crammed down my throat. I'm not looking for a political viewpoint; just a good magazine about Modern homes. I'm going to subscribe to Atomic Ranch instead.

Dwell - How to live well in our post-apocalyptic future

I feel like dwell is showcasing the idea of how to live well in our post-apocalyptic future. This magazine is starting to depress me. Does everything seem grey with stainless steel accents? Modern living is quite warm...what's up dwell? I'm moving past glossiness into some real patina - I'm finding it better for my mood and my pocket book.

I was expecting more!!!!

I though that this magazine was awesome, but not,
To many comercial pages, the content is minimun.....
and is so boring......

fit for gawking and little else

Subscribe only if you have plenty of time on your hands and little to do with it. It's very slick, nice to look at, but irrelevant. Not worth either the time or the money unless you have LOTS of one or the other or an obsession with ultra modern building.

nothing 2 look at

It's been a month since i've order Dwell and my first magazine have not arrive so i don't have much to review.