Reviews For Dwell Magazine

Great ideas

This is a great magazine to come up with interesting ideas to implement in your house. Most of the items advertised are a bit expensive, but for the most part it is a great read.

-intern architect (california)

This magazine is the Architectural Record of 'buildings for people', instead of 'buildings for architects'. They exemplify how sustainablity is bringing back humanity to architecture, through a mind set, not a building style.

To the editors of Dwell- you keep female architects in the profession with your inspiration for change. Thank you.

Kermit's thought on sustainability

Develop a sustainable mind set in the 21st Century by staying in touch - Dwell

Stunning Modern Design for the Reasonable Among Us

Here is a magazine that focuses on modern design and clean-line architecture without the trendy vibe that makes a competitor like "Wallpaper" an expensive, hit-or-miss read. What I like most about "Dwell" is its consistency in presenting interesting designs from around the world that look quite livable and fashionable at the same time. Even the advertisements are quite compatible to the flow of the magazine, so much so that they often look like they are part of the editorial. There is a very useful "Marketplace" section at the end that tells you where to get a lot of the art, furniture and accessories complementary to the designs presented. I have often used these helpful listings to find some interesting things for my own place.

This magazine is definitely geared toward the urban loft dweller, but I like how they highlight homes with families in mind as well. Individual issues are often focused on either geographic or utility-related themes, thus keeping a library mandatory for future reference. The photography is superb. If you are tired of design magazines that seem to be talking specifically to designers, this is a great, reasonably priced alternative for people who simply appreciate great design. Highly recommended.

Good for ideas, but not for afforable furniture

Don't get me wrong, I like Dwell. I think the magazine has a lot of great content, but the problem is that most of the time the stuff presented is super expensive.

I suggest using it for ideas, emulating them with your own creativity. :)

Dwell Magazine Offers Unique Designs for the Home

My mailbox overflows with magazines and among the themes, home and home- related topics are the most common. Dwell Magazine ranks as one of the better home magazines I read each month and it is one of only a few publications that I will return to throughout the month for entertainment and other purposes.

What makes Dwell a unique publication is its dedication to more interesting and unusual home remodeling and rebuilding ideas. Other modern home magazines exist, but Dwell Magazine takes the idea of modern to a slightly different level than other, similar publications. With Dwell Magazine, the reader is presented with unusual homes, both on the exterior and interior, and many of them are certainly eye- catching, if nothing else. This magazine is all about homes that offer distinction and some of the design ideas are very interesting and will stick with you for a long time.

Probably the most unique fact about Dwell Magazine is that, while it focuses on unusual and creative home design, it manages to maintain a level of livability. Other magazines that focus on unusual things- whether it's the home or something else- often take the weirdness factor to the extreme and they end up alienating most readers. But Dwell Magazine avoids making this mistake. The ideas it presents are unusual and creative, but still within the boundaries of taste and practicality.

Magazines usually offer articles that cover a large range of topics each month, but one other interesting aspect of Dwell Magazine is that each magazine is based on a specific theme. This theme is clearly spelled out on the front cover, directly under the magazine's name, in bold letters. This is nice because you already have a good idea what to expect when you open the pages of any issue. The featured articles for the month will stick to the main theme for that particular issue.

Dwell Magazine is one of hundreds of publications that focus on the home, but it easily stands out in the pack and I rank it among my favorites in this genre. I'm not into home design on a do-it-yourself level, but I do like to look at homes and the rooms within homes and I am always open to new ideas. Dwell Magazine offers plenty of creative ideas every month and it's a good magazine to consult for home makeover plans.


Overall, I enjoy this magazine and look forward to it arriving in my mailbox. Like all periodicals, some issues are hit or miss, but overall it's an interesting read. The feel of the magazine is exceptional--with a beautiful matte cover, and substantial pages, it's like a little picture book unto itself. The main push is in extremely cunning, modern designs, so if you prefer a more traditional look [read: not less-is-more] or are not interested in modern technologies for the home, perhaps this isn't your bag. I enjoy articles profiling designers, getting a glimpse into others' homes, making the most of small spaces, and learning about homes on a more global basis. Their fresh take on technologies and going green is very refreshing, and waaay beyond the old "install a CFL light bulb and you're green!". I must admit, however, that Dwell does seem to be California-heavy and has a lot of articles on architects and their homes or extremely expensive furniture, but they still branch out enough to give one a sense of, say, the use of color in India, floating homes in the Netherlands, or homes built as urban infill. They have also been doing a great job recently exploring smaller homes and apartments, a breath of fresh air from others in this business. It's a good and worthwhile read that will help you explore non-traditional materials, designs, and thoughts on the industry of "home".

Modern Love

If you love modern, this is the magazine for you. Lots of great stories and pictures of modern homes and furniture. I loved getting this magazine every month. For a new lover of modern, it was a great introduction.

Dwell on this

Excellent source for all lovers of design, architecture, pre-fab and modern. All the great images and articles without the pomp and circumstance of other architectural mags.

A treasure trove of smart living with much eye candy.

'Architectural Digest' for the realistic and practical. Dwell is for those of us who don't mind messing up the place and still feeling comfortable. It is the ultimate eye candy for homebodies. It has something for everyone: the rehab crowd, the eco-friendly leaning up and comers, the baby boomers looking to up-scale surroundings without compromising on quality use of smaller space. Featured monthly are homes that have you thinking 'I'm doing that in the next place I buy!' Basically, a treasure trove of smart ideas for the abode, whether humble or not.