Reviews For Details Magazine

man, you have to cool off

man, for all that talk in that article, you did the same thing - you gave no review and you treated this like a message board...relax.

i like this magazine for the following reasons: well-written articles, well-known contributors, good clothing, and, of course, a little controversy...

but tell me, who's the one writing from the "kingly role?"

The best mature Men's magazine.

There's nothing to say, but if you want a REAL men's magazine, this is it. They have great articles and stories, and I love the bits of knowledge that starts the Know & Tell section, and I love the last page, which has an interview with a celebrity. Just get this magazine and forget all the other mature men's mags.

A wanna-be serious magazine for folks with ADHD

Jeff Goldblum's character in "The Big Chill" said that he couldn't write an article longer than the average person could read during a, er, "trip to the library" (wink, wink, nudge, nudge, know what I mean?). The writers at Details seems to have the same marching orders. In these hectic times, maybe that's not so bad. The articles I have read are well researched and nicely bite-sized. I actually finished the entire magazine between PM mail delivery and breakfast the next day. The topics they covered in my first issue ranged from fashion to health concerns. And, again, they cover the topics in very few, well-written pages. I do think the models look like under-fed children but at my age, that could be tunnel-vision (grey hair, I remember Filmore East, you get the picture?). My suggestion, take a look. It's a magazine with an interesting voice and it may be for you.

Details In A Nutshell (3 1/2 - 4 stars)

Details is a men's magazine like Cosmopolitan is for women. The contents of Details is like that of other men's magazines like GQ and Esquire, but Detials has a tendency to have more articles on movie stars (such as in the May 05' edition with articles about movie stars: Mat Dillon, and Mark Wahlberg)along with articles on politics/recent news, etc. BUT, Details also has articles on: fashion, culture, food and drink, movies, music, books, etc. Detials magazine is more for individuals who want to know about news/politics among other things than for someone who is more geared towards fashion.


I subscribed to Details because I'm interested in the male psyche. I also like looking at the male celebrity pictures and the guy models on ads. Its not the most politically correct article on the planet, for one the last page is called "gay or...?" In which the writer tries to uncover if a certain type of person is gay or not, and no conclusion is actually ever given so I suppose its for the reader to decide.

Its a very stereotypical part of the magazine, but beyond that there are cool articles to read from male perspectives. I also enjoy reading the celebrity interviews, in addition they include interviews with female celebrities. I don't agree with everything that is printed here, but certain articles have made me think and I've actually gotten a lot out of it. It helps me understand guys and I do agree with certain opinions. The mag leans toward the liberal and is unabashed in its attitude to do so. I like it a lot, it may not be for everyone and that's fine.

Even for women :)

I'm a female, but I like this magazine just to see how guys are haha.
Layout, design, and articles are enjoyable.
and good price for a year round subscription.

A litle over-the-top but has good stuff in it.

Details is a solid mag that contains some good useful stuff in each issue, but be aware that it also has some fashion and advise that are more for novelty than actual use. Also the fashion is angled more for NY and high end markets than LA or West Coast.

Its still good...

I was a big fan of Details my freshmen year in college...until new editors came in and changed the format of the magazine I loved. Smart-eleke remarks were converted into cultured critiques. Weird photo spreads started to bare striking similarities to photo shots by Vogue. I no longer felt as if I was getting inside the head of a wise cracking, "hipster" male but being forced to listen to the ponderings of guys who took themselves WAY too seriously. (Its never cool to try too hard and one GQ is enough.) But I picked it up again about a year ago and saw that it is slowly coming back to its old style. Its still a good buy.

Maxim for mature people

I move from Maxim to Details because Maxim is targeting 14 - 17 old boys and every issue is comming more and more immature.

If GQ Was Younger, Hipper, Edgier... would fall somewhere in between Details and Maxim. Details always had fashions from the edge with rock renegades, independent movie stars, rap artists, Hustler bunnies and super DJs and mixmasters as models. I remember when they had Samuel L and P Grier and them from "Jackie Brown" doing a spread. It ain't unusual for Details to be drenched in Street Versace, FUBU, Armani, Cardin, Bose, and Porsche. I was with them from the beginning and always liked the classic 'in-depth' reports from columnist Anka Radakovich and the great sound reviews. Details also keeps a reader on his toes because they stimulate the grey matter with reports of, for example, environmental concerns, War and the fight for better consumer safety. Overall, a good mag.