Reviews For Details Magazine

I love this magazine

Details is an interesting mix of all my favorite things in a spreads, articles on gay culture, gossip on celebrities, intelligent reviews of products and contemporary issues.

Great stuff, but maybe a little restraint is needed

These articles keep pushing the boundaries and are starting to take on a bit of a Penthouse feel to it; see the June/July 2004 issue on Swinging in the suburbs. All things considered, though, this is the BEST magazine out there.

Benjamin Scott

Details is best described as more intellectual than Maxim (and it's 20+ clones), but not as pretentions or materialistic as GQ and company. Excellent subject matter, the best writting of any entertainment magazine in publication, reliable critics, and fashion shoots that are actually interesting and have clothes even I would wear make it the most enjoyable and relevant mag around. Through and through, Details is THE magazine out today, and probably will be for a long time. (Plus it is cheap as sin!)

Styles for Men

This magazine was a gift.
I'm not sure why as it is for men.Plenty of photos of well dressed men,hardly dressed men,underwear some ladies pose with the men in saucy ways.
Apart from the photos,there are some interesting articles.Ideas for entertaining and grooming suggestions.I read a few articles.I'm more of a book reader than magazines.
I like the magazine and sometimes it makes me wish I was twenty again.

Great Delivery

Delivers to Afghanistan on time. Great magazine with writing that will challenge your thinking of the everyday american man.

eye candy

or am i 'aging' myself w/that expression...either way, that's exactly what this magazine is for me...that's what most of magazines of this type are about...what it looks like. sure, i'm a 'lifer' to consumer reports mag; but, when i want to give my eyes not just a rest, but a treat, this does the deed! and for a few bux a year, it's beats tv by many many miles.

details, details.

this is the best magazine available. its not a "mens" magazine, its universal, covering food, art, popular culture, interesting people, politics, fashion, science and technology, etc. this is one of the few magazines that i feel like i have learned something after reading (the only other one i can think of is national geographic).

i do have to warn you though - it is a lot of reading. even more so then national geographic. the text is kind of small, and they actually write articles. so you will spend more time reading details than other magazines, but it is definitely worth it.

Greatg Magazine with fun interesting info.

Enjoy getting this magazine. Has lot's of stuff for both men and women to read.

a chic magazine for modern men

I really enjoy the new Details. With a liberal point of view in politics, a focus on the male celebrities in entertainment amd other fields, and fashion trends for young and mature generation, this magazine really stands out. To me, GQ is for those 40 or 50 something conservative men, who's fashion involves only with suits; Gear or Maxam and alikes are for hip-hop generations, with women in their heads all the time. Details covers many aspects of life, is the chic magazine for modern men.


Packed with so much information. I look forward to getting it each time.