Reviews For Deer & Deer Hunting Magazine

Solid Mystery Magazine

If you love mysteries, then you should be reading Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine (known as EQMM). As the January, 2011 edition proclaimed, the mag has been on news stands for seventy years! That's an impressive achievement. They've achieved this record by presenting good, solid mystery stories in each issue. So good that many of them have won prestigious literary awards, including the Agatha, the Edgar, and many, many more. Nearly every year, since 1946, the magazine has included at least one award winner.

Ellery Queen contains a variety of mystery styles. These include hard-boiled detective stories, "cozies," psychological suspense, crime noir, and more. There is a Department of First Stories, which debuts the work of a new fiction writer. There is also the Black Mask, which caters to Chandler and Hammett fans. The Review section provides a first-look at new novels, to help you narrow down your book store choices. And don't forget the Puzzle - an action packed crossword filled with mystery.

Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine? Highly recommended.

The Best in Deer Hunting!

Deer & Deer Hunting Magazine is the best all around deer magazine. Whether it be conservation tips, land owners' tips, or rifle and bowhunting tips.

If you like deer and don't give a hoot about hunting this magazine is still made for you. It features articles about land management and conservation groups such as Stump Sitters.

If you're into rifle or bowhunting tips than its defiantely for you. It has everything imaginable. Anything from new hunting gear, rifles & bows, to driving tips, and everything in between.

Its truly the ultimate deer magazine!


deer and deer hunting

deer and deer hunting is a very good magazine it has alot of good ideas and infro for deer hunters and for outdoors man i love this magazine it is one of best you can learn alot it tells alot about deer patterns and how to set up for the hunt it tells you what to look for in the woods it also tells you about hunting gear that is very useful it also shows you how to age a deer it tells you where the big bucks hide and how to call deer and how to use deer calls also it tells you the best places to hunt and also tells you about deer sents how to use them and the best places to use them


a must for deer hunters

This is a great magazine for deer hunter. It talks about deer hunting and that?s it, it doesn?t talk about 3D shooting or stuff you don?t want to know about. It also talks about guns, muzzleloader, and bows. Its help you to patter your deer, find out when and where they feed. Help you through the rut. What to do during the per rut and the post rut. How to use and when to used you calls. It tests the equipment so you know what to buy and what not to buy. There is also a very good Q & A sections that will answer you question buy some of the greats archer in the world.


Post season fix

This is a great magazine for those of us who can not get enough of this wonderful sport. I look at this magazine as my post season fix, in that I can stay active in my pursuit of this outstanding animal even though the season is now over in my state. The articles are well written and informative. It goes further than to just write about someone's hunting experiences and goes into the behavior and habits of the whitetail deer. The only way to really become a skilled hunter of whitetails is to know what drives them and understand them as much as possible. This magazine fulfills that and keeps me ready for the next season.


A solid magazine

EQMM is definitely a worthwhile magazine for any true fan of mysteries. Is every story exceptional, of course not and that's unrealistic to expect it to be. The stories are however entertaining and you get the opportunity to see something from some of your favorite writers. I think it's enjoyable to read a short story from writers you like whether it is a surefire classic or just another tale. To address, some of the issues by the jaded first reviewer, look at it from the standpoint of a mystery lover. If the publishers only produced great classic books, we would have only a handful of books each year, instead of the masses that readers have the fun of combing thru each year. The pages smudge, but this is not a magazine that is mass produced like People or Time or Sports Illustrated. At the current price, you could probably only get one to two stories a month for glossy pages. If you're reluctant to get a subscription then at least go to your local bookstore and buy the latest copy of EQMM and find out for yourself how enjoyable getting a quick glimpse into dozen of mystery writers can be.

A true classic

I've been reading EQMM since I was a child and have always enjoyed it. I particularly like finding new mystery writers in it. Just this month, C J Harper has a very good tale in the tradition of Rex Stout and Phillip Marlowe.

No comparison to the original EQMM

My 80+ year old mother used to enjoy EQMM when I was a kid, so I thought she'd like a subscription for her birthday last year. Wrong! With the very first issue, she started complaining that there was too much bad language and sex in the stories. So I checked it out, and it did seem to be a lot, but no more than what I've come to expect from books, tv, and movies today. For her though, it was understandably racy, and to prove her point she dug out some old EQMM and read some stories. The difference in writing was immediately obvious. The older issues were infinitely better written, with less bad language and no sexual content.

I'm not saying it's a bad magazine, but if you're considering this for gift subscription for someone who enjoyed EQMM years ago, be aware that it's not the same as the magazine they used to read.