Reviews For Deer & Deer Hunting Magazine

Great resource for hunting whitetails and big game.

This magazine is a great resource tool for the hunter. Photos, stories, product reviews and overall quality are on target. Read this magazine in the off season to stay on top of your game. This magazine renews your interest in hunting and the great outdoors. A magazine with biology and research for whitetail deer hunters. It contains information on rubs, scrapes, rutting bucks, bow-hunting, gun-hunting, muzzleloading, tactics, camouflage, and Quality Deer Management.

Deer & Deer Hunting magazine is for serious, analytical hunters who have a year-around passion for whitetail animals and deer hunting. Editorial focuses on hunting techniques, deer biology and behavior, the latest deer research for hunters, equipment, destinations, deer management, the natural history of deer, and hunting ethics.


The Best Deer Hunting Magazine

I have had a subscription to Deer & Deer Hunting by krause publications for the past 3 years. I have had many other subscriptions to other hunting magazines and this one is the best.

It only has articles about deer and deer hunting in it. And a nice touch is that the articles run from page to page they are not continued back to another page further in the magazine. No more flipping back and forth to read a complete article. And it has articles for the new or seasoned hunter. I learn something new every time I read a copy and I have been hunting for years.

Also the photography is excellent. They have tons of new photos not the same old pictures you see repeatedly in other magazines.

Of course there are advertisements but the magazine is not loaded with them. There are actually more articles than there are ads. It is really hard to find a magazine as good as this one that is informative, easy to read, and not full of nothing but ads.

Pick one up the next time you see one, you won't be disappointed. You will probably end up subscribing like I did.
Happy Hunting.


All Deer All the Time

Many other outdoor sport mags,try to cover too many specialized areas in their "seasonal" approach.Example: if you pick up a November issue of Outdoor Life,it will contain many deer hunting articles.In April,it will be brook fishing,spring bear hunting and turkey hunting.From year to year,although the stories may be fun,the how,where and why stuff is very basic and almost a copy of last season.Nothing against them,that`s the kind of readers they cater to. They want a broad audience.Deer And Deer Hunting,is a specialty mag. It focuses entirely on deer.If you are a finatic over deer hunting,you will love it.The gun,bow and camera hunter will be more successful in the field,and enjoy it more,after they read the latest on why,where and how.


Dream Hunter

Deer & Deer Hunting is the only hunting Magazine, that tells the truth. All other magazines say do this, or that about killing a big rack deer, but this magazine tells it like it is, like most big rack kills are made by luck, or first time kills. I am one of those people, a 21 pointer, scored 197.4. Ive hunted most of my life, and know alot about deer, but never killed one, till I turned 40 years old, and it was the big one, 21 points. I sat their, and cried, so happy. I was about to give up on hunting till I picked up a deer & deer hunting magazine, and began reading how the first deer you kill may be your biggest ever, man was they right. I read other stories in it, and they were so moving, as though you were there, hunting with this guy. Ive seen field, and stream, buckmasters, and other magazines, but nothing comes close to deer & and deer hunting. I love this Magazine. Danny R. Johnson


Enjoyable and reliable mystery tales

Ellery Queen's Mystery Magazine (EQMM) is the sharper image of its sister publication, Alfred Hitchcock's (AHMM). The stories are more polished, some have literary aspirations, and I'm more likely to find the well-executed twist in an EQMM story. While not every piece is a textbook mystery (some are police procedurals or psychological thrillers), all are good entertainment.

Editor Janet Hutchings introduces each piece with a description of the story, or what the author is working on, or an introduction to the writer if this is a first story. Occasional pen and ink illustrations, while not required to enjoy any of the stories, add to the feeling that EQMM is richer than AHMM. Some authors appear every month (Edward Hoch, amazing!) or almost as much (Doug Allyn) and deliver a quality story every time. There are plenty of other writers to enjoy; some are series tales with a recurring character, some create new worlds but impress with their mastery of the short story form.

EQMM relies on fewer gimmicky departments and more fiction. There is a book review column, calling your attention to novels worth reading.

If you love mysteries you should be getting both AHMM and EQMM.

Note: Starting with the 2004 issues, EQMM will publish only 10 issues a year; 2 will be "double issues" with almost twice as many pages. I remember when the Dell Magazines published 13 issues a year, including the "mid-December" one; back then the magazines came every 4 weeks. Those were the days and I have shown myself to be a certified grumpy codger.

EQ Delivers every month!

Ellery Queen's Mystery Magazine consistently delivers solid stories every month. As others have noted, not every story is a gem, but I usually find *at least* one really good story per issue, and most of the rest are quite enjoyable. (With around 10 stories per issue, you have to expect the occasional dud.)

This has been true for as long as I've been reading the magazine, which must be close to 30 years, now! The quality of the writing is consistently good, because the editors know what they're doing.

As a previous reviewer said, it is a good idea to pick up one issue to see if you like the kinds of stories EQ has to offer. But if you like that one issue, you can be sure you will enjoy others.

Note: Though it's known as EQ "Mystery Magazine", not all stories are mysteries. They do all fall generally into the "crime" category.

A great read

No, every story's not perfect -- but is every mystery book you buy? What you can count on from EQMM each month is a great mix of stories, some by writers you know and love, others by ones you haven't discovered yet, and most of the stories are really good: clever, surprising, suspenseful, well-told. I can't imagine how anyone could give this great magazine a one-star rating. It's a great read and would be a great gift for anyone you know who loves mysteries.

Great Magaine

I absolutely love this magazine! This is a wonderful read for any who like short stories and mysteries! The magazine includes new writers as well as more well known ones. A wonderful magazine!

Ellery Queen rocks

I have been reading EQMM for long decades, and every time I see that little magazine in the mailbox I actually get excited--sort of like I used to do when I was a kid and got stuff mailed directly to me.

What I find is that there's nothing "pulpy" about EQMM. It's the highest quality, story-wise and article-wise. The writers (and I hope to be one of them myself one day) are among the best anywhere on earth. I will always look forward to EQMM in my mailbox.

The last of a breed

EQMM is about the last chance for solid ,well written crime fiction in a magazine form around these days. As has been noted, not all of the stories in here will be instant classics... but they are all solid short story form fiction. I hope that EQMM will be around for many,many years to come showcasing old pros and breakout rookies alike. You really can't go wrong with this timeless gem!