Reviews For Country Woman Magazine

Handbook to Country Living

I happened upon this magazine about 15 years. I should be renamed to "A handbook of country life." Initially, I bought this magazine because of cute kitchen editorial in it. Now I buy it because it has basically became my country life bible.

Every other month, I can't wait to till it arrives in the mail. I adore the fantastic recipes. Each issue features either a fruit, vegetable or meat that all the recipes have to be based on. The recipes are easy to follow, simple to make, everything you need to make them is right in your kitchen. Not once have I had to "run" into town to purchase some off-the-wall ingredient. I have even entered them in our tri-country cooking contest and won the grand prize several times. There is also a recipe section for meals under 15 minutes, quick and simple recipes, and hints on how to handle and store the featured item.

The magazine is a very well rounded one. There is articles such as craft section for crafters, tricks and tips for country living, beautiful photography in country gallery, a "looking back" section...a nostalgic stroll into the past,and even a travel section which you can book vacations through them. My children have even used several of the article for reports at school.

There is also plenty of good reading material. My favorite has to be "I remember when...". It shares what life was like growing up and raising a family back in the "olden" days. There is also stories of today's life, embarrassing moments, things children say, and a page with games, jokes and brain teasers.

Another thing that makes this magazine exceptional is...NO ADVERTISEMENTS. The entire book is about country living for woman. No wasted pages on "NIKE" ads, nothing falling out in your lap...wanting you to buy this or that, no smelly samples to trigger your allergies. Just good articles and great recipes.


A Taste of Country!

Country Woman magazine is a taste of country. It has in it everything from recipes, crafts, decorating ideas and plain ol' good reading. It has a wide variety of topics in each issue. It is easy, pleasant reading, about good food, country people, and their country crafts. Just to give you a better idea I will attempt to outline one issue for you. For starters I will list and write a brief paragraph about each section in this particular issue.

Welcome to My Country Kitchen.

This section is about a reader's remodeled kitchen. It is an article about a woman who changed her kitchen into a glorious Country kitchen. It goes through details of how they got started and how some of the construction went, giving great decorating ideas. It shows beautiful color pictures shots of this reader's kitchen, from several different angles to capture all its splendar.

Editor in the Country.

This section has different Editor's that travel to a subscriber's home's featuring their garden or crop. This one in particular is where an Editor went to a banana orchard in Florida. They went through details of how to grow bananas successfully, helpful tips, and neat descriptions on duties involved in growing banana trees. Along with great colorful pictures going right along with the Editor's experience.

Grandma's Brag Page.

This page is so cute. It is where Grandma's can send in pictures of their Grandchildren doing really cute things. Like there is one little guy standing next to a snowman he just made, with help i am sure, but the snowman has a binky (pacifier) in it's mouth. Then there is a picture of two kids probably 8 and 9 year olds, who made a tunnel out of snow. There are a couple more of cute babies in the snow or just posing for the camera. They all are adorable.

Quilter's Corner.

This is a section where reader's or subscriber's send in quilt patterns, and they display them. Complete with step by step instructions and wonderful pictures and diagrams. They really have some beautiful work posted there. They are so detailed they make it sound so easy.

Craft Section.

Craft Section is where they put craft ideas, crochet pattern for sweaters ...etc. It is neat to go through and get some idea on a craft you may want to do. They have very good instructions, pictures, and even patterns (actual sizes). Giving you all the information you would need to create these nifty crafts.

Country Home Cooking.

They have mouth watering recipes, one-pan wonders, skillet supers to zesty fries. Here are a few from this issue: Pork Chops Over Rice, Chicken Sausage Skillet, Stir-Fried Steak and Veggies, Bavarian Bratwurst Supper, Shrimp Stir-Fry, Creamy Mushroom Chicken, Skillet Enchiladas, and Colorful Vegetables Saute. Then I counted 32 more recipes after that. They even have some of their recipes on pages where you could cut them out on the dotted line then you would have index size recipes cards with recipes already on them.

Country Decorating.

Here are some more country decorating ideas for decorating and designing your home. This one particular article is about a couple who went all out decorating in a Ranch Home style. They have everything from cowboy boot wallpaper to a rocking horse in their bedroom. To the tops cut off of tons of cowboy boots in all different colors going around the frame of
their door way. They have a lot of great pictures and details.

Frosty Snowman Contest.

Here is where a bunch of people had made the biggest and best snowman they could, and boy did they ever! We are talking 24 foot snowmen! The tallest was 24 foot. Then a 21 foot 5 inches, and two that were 16 foot, and a Flaky Baker one, complete with wig made of yarn, apron, and a cookie sheet of cookies. Then there is one of a family of 5 snowmen, including daddy snowman, mommy snowman, and 3 kid snowmen. They all are great. Amazing too! I can barely make a 3 or 4 foot snowman. Snowmen are not the only things you can make out of snow, cause they have pictures of a bunny made out of snow, a dog shape, and a pig, even a horse made out of snow.

Last but not least.

Then they have a Travel section, a Looking Back/ I remember when section, a Funnies section, a Country Gardening section, and a I'll Never Forget section in the back of the magazine. Then they even have a Coming Up Next section where they briefly describe what is going to be in the next issue.

Need less to say this magazine is wonderful, and has a great variety of Country living articles. This is the only way I knew how to really share this magazine with you, so that you could really get a taste of what is in it. And now you know why I said that it is a taste of Country.


For Women Living In The Country or Wishing They Were!!

I had never seen a Country Woman Magazine until about four years ago when my husband's grandmother gave me a gift subscription. I have been renewing every year since. Country Woman magazine is not just for women that live in the country (even though I do) it has many helpful tips for any woman that wants to put a little rustic country feel into her life. Over the years this magazine has just gotten better and I think will probably keep getting better.

It has topics of all interests including crafts,recipes,gardening tips,they have been including fashion. There is a pen pal and advice page where people will write in wanting advice or just to talk. This magazine is for all ages of women. I really enjoy the articles and craft ideas. The recipes if you ever get a chance to try our great.

I haven't thrown out an issue yet. The magazine comes every two months and if you happen to see one and subscribe you will be anxious for the next magazine to come. This magazine is from a whole collection of magazine's about country life and other topics and if you ever get a chance to glance at the other magazines they are equally excellent. I would highly recommend this magazine to anyone that enjoys the simple rustic elegance of country living.


Recommended For: Anyone

From City Chick to Country Gal with County Woman

Although I lived in a rural area, I still hadn't quite felt country until I bought Country Woman magazine. From the first time to the last issue I picked up, I was truly amazed at all the unique tips from crocheting an apple basket to heavenly chocolate mouse. My favorite section is the kitchen make overs. I use many tips from this section to keep an ever changing kitchen. This adds variety and spice to my country home. I have several tamed blackberry bushes that I plan on masking country jam with to give as gifts. This magazine has put back the country gal in me. It was always in my heart; it just needed brought out. Whether you live on Manhattan Avenue or a Mennonite farm, Country Woman sure has everything to enhance your life! I recommend it for everyone!


Recommended For: Anyone

Perfect Homemaker Magazine!

If you are looking for the ultimate ?homemaker? magazine without being bombarded with all those ads, Country Woman magazine is the one for you.
In their pages you can find everything from fiction to real life stories of women who love the country. Want a good laugh? Check out the ?My Most Embarrassing Moment!? section or the ? Why Country Women Age Fast? regular feature.
Is the kitchen your favorite place in your home? Then you will love the recipes in every issue and the ?Welcome to my Country Kitchen? pages, where in each issue they feature a reader?s kitchen, with pictures and the hows and whys of their decorating ideas.
Also packed in their pages, you will find photos and stories of days gone by, simple crafts, baby pictures and children?s funny sayings, cooking tips, gardening tips, and even decorating tips!
As you can probably tell, I love this magazine! It just can?t be beat if you are looking for a ?covers it all? magazine for women.


Great Reading!

This is another magazine published by Reiman Publications. There is no advertising, just very interesting reading! I've lived in the "true" country only through reading about people and things in this magazine. The recipe section is great. It also has a nice, usually useful, craft section and an embarrassing moment section that is entertaining! There isn't one part of it that I don't read, and I save all the issues for future references, marking on the front whether its for the recipes inside (for example, the soup issue) or the crafts! The preview of "Coming up next" always is tantalizing enough that I eagerly look forward to my next issue arriving! There are puzzles to keep one busy and an "Ask The Antiques Expert" to answer your questions! The "Reflections" page really takes one back and I love the different decorating articles.


Do you love Country??

Country Woman is the first magazine that i know of that has no Advertisements at all. I got it first as a gift from a friend 5 years ago and have been subscribing ever since. It always features a showcase Kitchen that was remodeled or just build, craft ideas, reciepes, stories and funnies about kids, stories about home crafters, country cooking, country living and more . They always have a contest going on with great prices for favorite recipes etc. If you love country living and cooking and baking, check it out. You will be pleasantly surprised. I love to curl up in my favorite chair with my newest issue and a cup of coffee, and just relax. It`s very reasonably priced and available in any department store.


You Don't Need To be A Country Woman

I've been subscribing to Country Woman for 6 years now and would love to share it with you.

Country Woman has a great overview of everything from great kitchens, recipes and even a section where the editor goes and tries her hand at being a Country Woman.

I really enjoy the recipes, they are great for families, simple and some of the basic down home cooking we all remember. You can also find great potluck recipes as well as what to do with that crop the is in season.
They have a bevy of crafts that are great for fund raisers as well as just fun.

I particularly enjoy the idea of the being no ads. There is a reminiscence page as well as a "what is this" section for identifying those old items that have been passed down. The section on "Most Embarrassing Moments" often puts me in my place.

I hope you take the time to check out this magazine, it's definitely not just for the "Country Women".


This is a Wonderful Magazine!

Just wanted all you "country women" out there to know that this magazine is superb. It's designed just for those of us who still know how to cook without a microwave and still make our own quilts. It's down-home receipes and craft ideas have kept my interest for quite some time as well as it's practical hints about country living and survival. The stories are sometimes very funny--especially when they concern something stupid that I may have done myself.

If you're country and proud, check this mag out and see for yourself.


Quiltmaker is Wonderful

In my opinion Quiltmaker is a magazine I won't ever be without. If I could only have one quilt magazine subscription, it would be Quiltmaker. I love it and would recommend it to every quilt maker.