Reviews For Cook's Illustrated Magazine

My mom swears by this

I was lucky enough to find this last time. My mom loves it. She's always reading it and using the recipes. I think it's the only thing I bought her she ever used like that. I was glad I did. I think your mom will like too.

The finest Magazine ever

Since 1993 Cook's Illustrated is the only magazine I have saved through 5 moves. It is a real treasure, with no advertising. No dazzling photographs of dishes that are impossible to attain. A very step by step explanation of the ingredients,cooking utensils,preparation techniques,time & temperature
This magazine is an inspiration to create.

It's wonderful!

If you love to cook like i do than this is the best on the market that i've seen. One of the best things is (are) NO ADS! That is a blessing in itself. Everything that everyone else has said is true and i don't want to just repeat it. I can tell you one thing,,,,i read this magizine like i would a great novel. That's how good this magizine is.

Cooks Illustrated

This is an absolutely outstanding publication for the person seriously interested in cooking as an art as well as cooking for relaxation.

Ideal magazine!

Perfect, tested simplified recipes for all the classics and some new ideas along the way. Tons of practical cooking tips and tricks, reviews on all kinds of kitchen gear. I LOVE this magazine.


This magazine 'Cooks Illustrated' was a Christmas present for my son. The subscription has arrived, the whole transaction was smooth and my son is enjoying the magazine.

No other cookbooks required!!

This cookbook along with the 30 minute cookbook has replaced all my other cookbooks with the rare exception of a Tyler Florence recipe here and there. Love it. Just to know that they have extensively tested these recipes and worked them out scientifically is so reassuring. You know before even starting that they are not going to be a waste of time and money like so many recipes I've tried along the way. Thanks.

The Best

My cooking has improved tenfold since I started receiving this magazine (and watching the show, America's Test Kitchen, on PBS). I can't seem to stop making their recipes.

I can't recommend it enough!

Great Compliments Coming My Way

The joy of sharing food, expertly prepared and enjoyed by my family and friends is my inspiration. I enjoy teaching the skills and recipes I have learned from Cook's Illustrated. (My back issues are well-worn from frequent reading). Extended research and careful presentations of Cook's Illustrated articles make this magazine stand above all others. The equipment and ingredient reviews are great. The illustrations are enticing and make me appreciate really good food.

Fantastic gift for any cook!

I have given this as a gift to many people and everyone loves it! A Gift that keeps on giving. What could be better?