Reviews For Cook's Illustrated Magazine

Must have for any type of cook!!

This is one of the best "How To Magazines" I've read and continue to keep reading. It doesn't have any ads for one thing. At the end of the year they have a Hardbound Edition. It shows you how to do things in a step by step procedure. And other interesting sections, like rating kitchen items and different types of cooking chocolate or coffee. Lets put it this way, I have 9 Hardbound Editions sitting on my shelf and just ordered the new one!! Enough said!!

Cook's Magazine

Excellent mag with clear, practical, EXECUTABLE recipes that have been tested to avoid the usual pitfalls associated with many popular dishes. Outstanding illustrations and helpful product (tools and/or ingredients) recommendations. A big help for both novice and experienced cooks.

best cook guide ever

I have read 10-12 alternatives over the years. This is clearly the best. Hands down. Why?

1. No ads
2. Simple, creative, tested recipes which work and can be duplicated.
3. Great gadget reviews
4. Easy reading.
5. Recipes worth sharing.

Some alternatives which I subscribed to for years were useless. I rarely ever used a Gourmet recipe.

love it

I refer to this magazine all the time when I'm cooking. The product reviews are knowledgeable and unbiased. The recipes are excellent.

Excellent Reference

What a great magazine! The illustrations are easier to follow than photos, the recipes are great. Love it!

Bon apetit

I have subscribed to Cook's Illustrated for years. Full of great recipes and useful information regarding equipment, etc. Bonus - Christopher Kimball is a wonderful writer. He does a short story at the beginning of each issue. Just lovely.

Simply the Best: Cook's Illustrated

Fantastic recipes (with multiple variations/techniques compared for best results), no ads, product reviews by category (best tomato sauces, best knife sharpeners, best cookware, etc.)...this is the best cooking magazine bar none. Period. If you only want one cooking magazine make this your choice.

Fabulous Magazine

I just love this magazine. I read it cover to cover and find myself going back to it constantly. They explain everything wonderfully - I have never read a better cooking mag. I also just got my mother in law, who is an amazing cook, a subscription for mother's day. Absolutely recommend it.

For serious cooks who want to understand how cooking works

The magazine is wonderful. It is for serious cooks. However I recommend patience and order the end of year book. The cost is about the same and instead of floppy magazine you have an excellent hardcover book to refer to. I have all their magzaine books since they started. It is an excellent reference source.

A Great Magazine

I'm in complete agreement with the other reviewers. I began with the 1992 premier edition and continue reading to this day. Tonight, as my wife and I thought about Christmas dinner, we immediately pulled out the back issues and didn't bother to go to any other source.

There are a lot of great things about this magazine, but the thing I am most impressed with is their continuing effort to improve their recipes. They have written at least five articles on roasting chicken over the years, all of them good, but better over time as they learn and try new things.

Hats off to Christopher Kimball, Publisher/Editor of Cook's. The magazine is clearly the product of his strong vision. Christopher knows what he wants to do with the magazine and American domestic cooking is much the better for it.

My only minor complaint is that the magazine does not publish an annual index as part of the December issue. You can buy an index, but it is expensive.

In short, if you care about cooking you will want to subscribe to this wonderful magazine.