Reviews For Catster Magazine

Cat Fancy is an Impressive Magazine

I just got an subscription to this "Cat Fancy", because my friend and I just found a cat, and it followed us to my house. We put signs all over my neighborhood to see if it's someones cat, but still no call, (that's besides the point). "Cat Fancy" is the best cat magazine around. It helped us know the best food to purchase for our cat I already can tell the difference in the cat (named Chica) already. This magazine shows me how to take care of my cat, in the cheapest, but most efficient way. It is a great price, and it is very reasonable for my budget. I find it the most useful source of information I have ever found on cats. My cat is healthy and strong, and I believe it will be for a very long time because of the helpful tips of this magazine. I would definetly recommend this to all cat lovers!



CatFancy gets two cat's meows!

I enjoyed reading the magazine but I have to agree with someone else, They tend to really focus on pure breeds. Anyone can figure out that mixes last longer because of less inbreeding and more variety in them.

"CatFancy!" offers lots of information and pictures of beautiful cats. This magazine is the best in my opinion. There are several sections in the magazine such as the health section and etc.

I don't have a copy with me right now, but I do believe in the back of the magazine, There's a section where you can buy many neat things for your cat ranging from toys to litter boxes.

Drop by and pick one up at your local store and get one issue. Then you'll find out if it's the best decision you ever made.


Great Magazine

I love cats and that is what started me subscribing to this magazine.I was in a grocery store one day doing my grocery shopping and i came across this magazine at the checkout lane and i decided to pick it up .
Well i was not real familar with cats at the time even though i owned several and love them .
Cat Fancy gave me lots of great tips on different things for my cats and i have learned a lot about different cat breeds and how to deter bad behavior and etc .
I have purchased several other cat magazines by different names and i did not like them as much as i do Cat Fancy for a lot of reasons but the biggest for me is that this magazine had it all .
Pictures ,advice from vets and etc........
I would recommend this magazine to any cat lover in the world .


My humble opinion of this magazine

Hi cat lovers! I have subscribed to this magazine for so many years I have lost count. I find it informative on general subjects that all cat lovers need to know. I personally am not interested in pure breeds, but for those who are, there is a monthly highlight of a pure breed. I have four cats right now, have lost two this year. Terrible year. I like to use cat magazines to find products for my cats, and find that their organization of the ads help me to find what I want in a hurry. They put the breeders towards the back for all of us not interested in buying a cat as opposed to saving one from certain death. I recommend this magazine!


How madbrunette kicks kittens or a helpful review of Catfancy

I just wasted a minute of my life reading a review of CatFancy written by "madbrunette". What a pile of cat poop that review was. In my opinion, Madbrunette never even read the magazine yet took the opportunity to make a number of unfounded, totally biased opinions of cat lovers around the world. So... I'm taking back my minute and putting my own review in. And by the way my review will not contain sexually explicit references. Grow up Madbrunette!!!

I personally had two cats that I loved very much and had to give away for a number of reasons that I don't want to discuss. The two cats both had various health conditions that required a number of trips to the hospital and a lot of attention. A friend of mine gave me a subscription to CatFancy, hoping the articles would be helpful to me. I was delighted.

The magazine does a number of things. First, it gives cat lovers a boat load of useful articles. With two unhealthy cats I found the health articles very useful. This was especially useful when my older cat started suffering from overactive fur ball syndrome. The article actually gave me suggestions for treatment that my vet had not heard of. Because of this, my vet did some research, found that the treatment might work, and as a result my cat no longer visibly suffers from the ailment.

As for madbrunette, I'm sorry that she must have suffered such a terrible youth to have to take her childish angst out on some poor defenseless cats. Maybe madbrunette should actually pick up the magazine and learn something before spewing such irrational untruths.


furball madness

I have been getting cat fancy magazine for several years, and yes I have a cat or two, o.k. it's ten but whose counting. This magazine does have alot of cutie pie pictures, maybe too many, but that just depends on who's reading it, and there own opinion. It has alot of information for a person who is thinking about getting a cat and also for the person who has a cat or two. The thing I have a problem with is the cost to subscribe, it varies depending on where you sign up, I doubt they have many subscription renewal since it is so much cheaper to let your subscription run out and get another one. It is 21 bucks to renew or 13 to get a new subscription, why do they do that? If you like cats this is a good magazine, full of information and yes, the monthly kitty centerfold. So go head and sign up for a subscription and sit back and enjoy, before you cat shreds the pages.


Four paws up

I happen to like Cat Fancy, for the simple reason that I like to read the ads for the various breeds in the back.

It shares this feature with its sister magazine Dog Fancy, and I happen to enjoy this feature in both magazines. The ads, believe it or not, help me to understand exactly what each cat ought to look like. (Breed standards exist in cat fancier circles as they do in AKC circles. These standards help the potential cat owner to determine the difference between a pet-quality member of their chosen breed and a show-quality member of the same breed. Ads for various catteries in Cat Fancy's classified section will often contain pictures of the breeds the catteries in question raise, and because the catteries pick their finest show-quality cats for the ads, one will therefore get a good idea of what a show-quality specimen of each breed will look like.)

I also learn something from each Cat Fancy I buy. For example, in the latest one in my possession, I learned that some zoos feed the big cats (lions, tigers, bobcats, and so forth) Eukanuba - the same type of Eukanuba I'd buy for my four cats, not a specially-formulated version of this food. In addition, this is served as a supplement in some zoos because big cats tend to get very hungry very quickly indeed if fed only Eukanuba, for the simple reason that they are getting Fluffy-sized kibbles into a lion-sized body. Therefore, these cats just don't fill up when fed only housecat kibble; they need the raw meat they get as a dietary mainstay in order to provide the kitty equivalent of bulk.

I recommend Cat Fancy for someone seriously interested in learning about cats.


Fancy This, My Friend

I went home one day and discovered that my parents were suddenly subscribers to "Cat Fancy" magazine. There it was - sitting on the table there. Mom didn't want to take blame for it. She said that Dad signed her up for it. Dad is convinced that Mom sent the card in on her own volition. Whatever the manner that Cat Fancy started its way into my parents' house, I've wondered about my parents ever since.

My parents have always owned longhair cats. Your Persians and your Himalayans. Mom picks up Cat Fancy and gives it a read when nothing is on the TV. Sometimes she learns something so it seems to be educational in some ways.

I picked it up once and discovered that there are a lot of pictures and cutesy stories of cats doing crazy cat things. Cat Fancy is like a 37-year-old unmarried woman: You've got to wonder sometimes.

What I found most amusing about this magazine is the use of the word "Fancy" combined with the word "Cat." I think that combination strategy can be applied to nearly anything in life. Here are some suggestions for some other magazines:

TV Fancy
Food Fancy
Internet Fancy
Sex Fancy (a risque one!)

The "*Fancy" business model is limitless.

This isn't a criticism of the magazine or its readers. It makes me laugh out loud that there are people out there who encounter the subscription offer for this magazine and say to themselves, "Awww hell, there's no denying it, I'm a Cat Fancier and I am proud of it, Dagnabit!"

If you fancy cats, I recommend you get Cat Fancy.


Great for novice cat owners

We adopted a stray 2-year-old cat about 10 years ago. I decided to subscribe to this magazine because I didn't have any previous experience in caring for animals. I found it to be extremely helpful - especially the health and behavioral tips. My favorite is the Gallery where they show reader's funniest cat photos.
I do remember feeling guilty over an article about declawing your cat (mine already came declawed but I probably would have done it anyway).
They really leaned towards not doing it which may be easier on the cat but can be a real hardship for the owner.
After a few years of subscribing, I felt this magazine was not as useful to me anymore. I still enjoy looking at the wonderful photographs and reading the stories but I'm not into cat shows or breeding. Probably never will be. Although I enjoyed learning about the different breeds in the beginning, I'm not the type of person who would go the breeder route when there are so many local abandoned kitties that need a home.
Overall, it's a decent and informative magazine but it's all about CATS, CATS, CATS. It you are not totally in love with them, this magazine is not for you.


Cats Fancy Cat Fancy

I am a huge fan of Cat Fancy Magazine, as are my six cats. Reading Cat Fancy makes me feel that I am doing something good for my six beloved cats. And that makes me feel terrific inside.
Cat Fancy has helped me learn so much about my cats. Before I had my six cats, I did not know anything about cats because growing up, my family was a dog family. I knew nothing about litter boxes, feeding cats, how to groom them. I did not even know about any of the breeds of cats.
Now I can say I am a seasoned cat person, and part of that I owe to Cat Fancy magazine. I now know all about kitten nutrition, and what my adult cats need for a long, healthy life. I learned that it is a good idea to establish regular feedings.
I love the fact that Cat Fancy displays so many different types of cats every month. I had never heard of a miniture cat until I saw one in Cat Fancy. And I now know what kinds of cats I am raising.
I like to browse through the ads at the end of the magazine as well to see what other breeders have to offer.