Reviews For Bon Appetit Magazine

It Used to Be Better

I am a long-term (soon not-to-be) subscriber. 10 years ago, you would get this magazine and end up keeping the whole issue because there were so many good recipes. Not any more! Since William Gaines passed away and Barbara Fairchild took over, it's become a love letter to yuppies who frequent gourmet markets. Like the Aug. issue: under Every Night Cooking they suggest Portuguese Clams with Linguica and Tomatoes. Not at my house! And the people they profile are not down-to-earth every day people, but wealthy yuppies at their summer home in the Hamptons trooping to the beach with their Sancerre and couscous. Give me a break! Even the Thanksgiving issue isn't a keeper anymore. I'll thumb through my 1995 back issues and dream of a simpler time.

Was a favorite

I have taken this magazine for over 30 years and was a great fan of it but it has changed over the last few years and has more advertisements than articles and recipes. I have finally decided it was not worth renewing. If you want a good magazine try "Fine Cooking" or "Italia Cooking" you will really get your money's worth and some wonderful recipes.

Eh, the pictures are pretty...

I got this magazine hoping for some new, innovative recipes, but instead, end up flipping through the magazine without saving any recipes at all. None of the recipes look that great, and they call for ingredients that you just can't find anywhere, even in specialty stores. I love the beautiful pictures, but as far as recipes, they just aren't for everyday cooks, adventurous or not.

Pretentious and useless

A friend of mine got me a subscription to this magazine because I like Cooks Illustrated. This magazine is nothing but ads for snazzy expensive foods and restaurants. There are so few recipies in it I wouldn't call it a 'cooking' magazine. What few recipies they do have don't explain why they chose the ingredients used or give much detail at all.

If you consider yourself a 'foodie' who likes to go to fancy restaurants and likes to know what's hip on the latest gourmet food and wine, then this magazine might be for you. If, however, you like to cook and know what you are doing and why you are doing it, try Cooks Illustrated instead.

Useless Waste of Paper

This "cooking" magazine is more like a billboard that comes to your mailbox every month. More ads than articles, which is sad saying that the articles are essentially ads. There are very few recipes, and you will be lucky to get 1 recipe you actually want to try a month. They do not talk about cooking method, ingredient selection, or really anything related to actual cooking.

This is "Food Style" this is not a cooking magazine.