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Magazine for your home

The pictures are really nice to look at. When you think of remodeling your home or landscaping your yard, this publication gives you a good visual on what you might consider doing. Professionally done.

Peace and Happiness,
Patrick Leonardi

Better Homes & Garden review

I am unhappy that I ordered this in November and I am still not receiving the subscription.

A Staple in Our Home for Years

"Better Homes and Gardens" has been a staple in our home for years. This essential magazine seems to always be there for you. When I think about it I would say that it has enriched our home and ultimately our lives. Its very visual style of lending ideas for enhancing our domicile and our surroundings has always been simple yet effectual in enriching our lives.


For those of you that complain about advertisments in magazines, what are you whining about? How do you think
magazines get a nice chunk of their funding? They have companies pay to have their products advertised in the mag.
so shut up.

On a happier note, I love this magazine. It has wonderfuly lovely ideas for make your house look beautiful though some of the ideas do seem a little pricey.

cluttered but nice

This magazine has a lower cover price than some of its competitors, and makes up for it with a massive amount of ads. A few ads contain coupons, for those that like to cut those little things out (unfortunately they are hardly ever for anything I want !). The paper is also a lot thinner than the higher priced home/garden publications, and the photographs do not reproduce that well on it.
On the bright side, there are many nice décor ideas, and simply terrific recipes.

Taking the October 2003 edition as an example, Fall colors and produce are the theme. It has some ideas on how to display gourds, and an article on a community pumpkin patch, from the June planting by 140 neighbors and friends in a 6000 square ft. area, to harvest time.
There are numerous articles on remodeling, "Foolproof Potted Plants", on the joys of having hardy succulents in your home, and a lovely piece with lots of photographs on actor Peter Strauss' gorgeous Ojai, California garden.
The best article of all, is "The Magic of Soup", and some of these recipes are so good they might end up in your family for generations. They are simple to prepare, with easy to find ingredients, and will make a healthy, hearty meal for those frosty days ahead. Also included with the recipes is the preparation and cooking time, and nutritional statistics.
As someone who writes a lot of notes and cards, I appreciate the final page which is about letter writing, and how this vanishing form of communicating is good for the soul.
All things considered, this magazine gives good value, and is meant for those of us who do not live in a mansion or have hours to devote to a single recipe.

I look forward to...

receiving my new issue of BHG every month. I got a gift suscription from my grandmother for Christmas. In 2007 I got married and we also purchased our first home. I like that this magazine has a mix of decorating ideas, recipes, gardening, and fashion. It is not all one or the other, so it is kind of like getting four magazines in one. I loved the new year issue that was all about getting organized, I keep it around to reference often and will likely renew my subscription after gift period is up.

Good alternative to Martha Stewart

Better Homes and Gardens does not have the clean and thoughtful layouts and classy look of Martha Stewart Living. However, the ideas are useful to more people living in all parts of the country. I find that MSL is better for east coast living. Here in Arizona, it's hard to find the materials and ingredients suggested in their articles. I still read MSL for inspiration and entertainment. Better Homes is more practical, giving ideas I actually use.

Better Homes

his is another magazine I have subscribed to the conventional method for the past few years.
My present subscription ends in Apr. 11. Your info says this order will be for Feb-March delivery. I hope it is not messed up since I still have several months before it runs out.

Couldn't resist subscribing to this magazine at this great price

Fabulous recipes and ideas are featured in this magazine at a very affordable price; way less than the supermarkets check-out lanes.

Nice pictures and lots of ideas

I like this magazine but like others have mentioned it has a lot of ads. I enjoy most of the ads though, they give me ideas sometimes. Mostly it's a picture book, I don't really read many of the articles.