Reviews For Babybug Magazine

are you kidding?

12-16 weeks for delivery of the first magazine? Ridiculous. It's time for the next birthday by the time the first issue arrives or the magazine never arrives & the subscriber totally forgets = free money. At a minimum, the most current issue should be sent within a month & the rest within 6 weeks of the order. The ad should list the months the magazine is published so one knows when to expect it. It certainly didn't take that long for the charge to be processed. Probably will not reorder, recommend, or order any more.

Buy books instead

This is absolutely not worth the money. I bought it as a gift for my grandson, & in the first place, they sent it to me instead of to him. It did give me a good chance to look it over, though. The issues are too flimsy for a child this age to handle without ripping, and worse, there is insert material (renewal cards, etc.) between almost every page and the magazine is not readable without removing them. So you unless you hide the magazine and go through it before sharing it with the child, you are in effect *teaching* the child to rip things out of books. I'm a librarian and am going to buy my grandchild books instead of this next year.