Reviews For Babybug Magazine

Good way to cultivate love of reading!

I am a new subscriber, and I love these little books. Though the format and writing is simple, the books are perfect for young babies and toddlers. My toddler loves to flip through these books, and so do I [the illustrations are lavish and beautiful].

Best X-mas Gift This Year

My daughters got this subscription for Christmas, and it has been, by far, the most memorable and lasting of their gifts.

It's fun to read, and just short enough to read again and again. It is equally well-loved by both my 3-year-old and my 16-month-old. Many of the illustrators are wonderful and already well-known to us, like Ponder Goembel and Sylvia Long. The illustrations in general range from mediocre to magical, so it all kind of evens out.

Each book starts with a six-page "Kim and Carrots" story. I didn't initially find the "Kim and Carrots" series to be aesthetically appealing, but it kind of grew on me. Then there are a handful of poems or short little stories. There is always at least one traditional nursery rhyme, and Edward Lear's poems have appeared more than once. The final poem comes with hand motions that you can do along side it for more entertainment value. Many of the poems or stories are very sound-oriented, which especially appeals to my younger daughter.

All in all, this is a great publication. Nothing out there for toddlers seems to have adequately found the right voice to "speak" to this age group. We all all eagerly await its arrival each month.

That said, I'll add my one diappointment. Though this publication used to be printed on heavy matte cardstock, in January of 2009 they began printing on a thinner glossy finish material that just doesn't hold up. Our newer issues sport a great deal of scotch tape, while the older issues have hardly shown any wear after far more play. For the price, I wish they'd have stuck with superior materials, and provided a sturdier book as they have done for so many years.


My mom ordered this for my daughter for Christmas. DD, age 2.5, LOVES them! We had considered ordering the Ladybug but several reviews here & other places suggested getting Babybug for that age. I'm glad we did. (We'll get Ladybug when this subscription runs out.) DD asks for these stories every night.

Babybug will develop a love for books

I gave a Christmas gift subscription to my one year old granddaughter. She loves this "magazine" above all other books. She brings this book to me and sits in my lap and we read it over and over. The illustrations are beautiful, the stories short and interesting to a baby (she's now 14 mos.). The pages are heavy, tear proof paper (not stiff board) and are therefore easier to turn. I'm looking forward to the other issues this year. What a marvelous way to develop a love for reading in your child.


My daughter loved this. It was a wonderful gift from grandma that was appreciated month after month by mom and baby.

Either my friend is crazy or this magazine is for all ages!

I got a free issue of Babybug from Carus Pub., and my friend told me that, being in 3rd grade, loves it!!! She read them all the time! Either she's crazy or this magazine can be enjoyed universally!

Sweet Little Books - my 4-year-old still loves them!

We picked up a dozen or so of these at a consignment store on a whim. My daughter LOVES them. If I had known about them when she was younger we would definitely have subscribed. Even at 4 they are a wonderful, short read for her. I especially love the illustrations.

My daughters' loved it

My daughters loved this magazine. Each Babybug was read over and over. Many poems were acted out and memorized. Highly recommended.

My 2 year old niece loves this magazine!

I got a subscription for my 2 year old niece to both Babybug and Animal Baby. According to my brother, Babybug is her favorite! Unfortunately, she lives in another town, so I have not been able to see her reaction to her monthly magazine, but I am assured that she loves it!

Great gift idea

I ordered this magazine for my daughter when she turned one. It has great pictures and short stories and poems, just perfect for short attentions. Now that she is 18 months she likes to try and "read" them to others. She also likes that there is something in the mailbox for her some days.