Reviews For Architectural Digest Magazine

Free Subscription

I bought a vacumm cleaner & little while later they offered me a free 1-year magazine subscription as a reward. The choices were nothing I would routinely buy (no Playboy, Maxim or any car mags), so I picked this one. Why?? Because it was the most expensive (but free) of the lot. The pictures are real good. The pages are slick know - glossy.

Try 'Architecture' and 'Dwell' Instead

'Architectural Digest' has changed over the years to become fussier and more lifestyle oriented than substantial architecture and design commentary. I still have a subscription, but intend to allow it to lapse when it expires for three primary reasons:

1) The magazine is huge and cumbersome, largely due to the massive quantity of advertisements;
2) The magazine exclusively highlights gazillion dollar homes, that only are a factor for celebrities;
3) Stylistically, the magazine seems stuck in a rut of cluttered end tables and credenzas, overstuffed pillows, and no space on a wall unoccupied by a huge, gold, gilded framed picture from eighteenth century France.

I don't like clutter, and I don't like being ornate to make a house look rich. That's why I no longer think this is a magazine that I really need. For me I will read 'Architecture' for serious architectural commentary, and 'Dwell' for reasonable (and financially attainable) interior design commentary. Thanks, but no thanks.

Magazine Incorrectly named.

It should be called "Digest for Decorators with Unlimited Budgets." Once a year there is an "architecture" issue, and there might be one article in other issues with architecture as the subject. If you really want something about architecture, you cannot go wrong with Architectural RECORD.

Once about what you could have, but no longer...

Once upon a time, what you saw in AD was what you might one day be able to do yourself. It was about tasteful, even higher end, but it was obtainable. Now it's about the houses and interiors that even the more successful of us out there will never be able to attain. Please quit touring the houses of the celebrities, the rich and famous, and instead go back to the days of those who were once like the rest of us. In short, go back to when the stuff we saw in AD gave us ideas for our own dream houses. Now you are the tasteful "home" equivalent of People Magazine...

Design for the Rich

Architectural Digest is sometimes inspiring, but often looks like real people do not live in the spaces shown. Any signs of life (a book or two, family photos) are just not there. If you cover up the single bowl of apples or spray of flowers, the spaces look sterile and corporate. I enjoy minimalism, but even this can go too far. For affordable interior design that inspires, I suggest Dwell, Elle Decor, and Nest.

Waste of money

I have subscribed to AD a few times over the years, but got tired of the adds and looking at how the super wealthy lives and their homes. I love to look at decor magazines to get ideas, but in this there are none whatsoever. I also dislike their front cover showing some celebrity, I would rather have a picture of interior or house on it like they used to have. Unlike many others I couldn't care less about how the famous people lives. Veranda, Traditional Homes, Elle Decor & House Beautiful gives more ideas if you are into decorating, and I love these mags. It would still be nice if they came out with a decor magazine that "average" people can get ideas from as well, giving ideas on painting (colors) your home and affordable fabrics etc. Just my two-cents!

reading material

ridiculous - I need to know transaction amount but it will take a year to get to that information - plus where is the book i ordered - THE F FACTOR - I was charged for it and it never came?

Architectural Digest

Ordered one month and one day ago and still no magazine.
So, can't review as requested.