Reviews For Architectural Digest Magazine

Good magazine but too many advertisments

I have had a subscription to this magazine for about three years and I have really enjoyed it. Although most of the time I mainly look at the pictures I have found that when I do read the articles they are quite informative. They offer sections such as: historic architecture (usuallly famed homes or architects are featured), Designers at Large (the design world favorite sources), celebrity and designers homes, and Estates for Sale (estates around the world for sale for high prices.) Like I mentioned in the title to this review there are quite a few advertisments but they are all for well known companies and most of them are very well done and interesting. (What magazine dosen't have thousands of advertisements =). This magazine proves to be quite the resouce for anyone interested in interior design and it usually has the most up to date designs and designers reviewed in it.


The images in this magazine are always first rate and the editors get access to houses no one else does. The writing is also very good and the houses chosen for each month are always in varing designs and spectucular. This magazine does have a certain reputation of being on all the coffee tables of the wealthy, but is not Town and Country, it really is a magazine that takes its name seriously and the writers are well informed and have skill. Pick it up sometime, it's worth the effort.

Eye candy for the middle class

Beautifully composed pictoral of the good life. Great source of inspriation for the masses who "wish".

Magazine review

Has wonderful ideas for a new home or to remodel what you have. Is not gender specific--Ladies, you will enjoy too!

Mixed Bag

I used to love Architectural Digest. I got to admire and be inspired by incredible homes, and I couldn't wait to get my issue every month.

However, lately, I have seen less Architecture than Interior Design, and more ads than ever. I've even let my subscription lapse. Every now and again, I'll pick it up on the magazine rack, but only if the issue is architecture heavy, or covers a particularly interesting project in depth.

Architectural Digest used to be the pinnacle in the field, but now it is just a mixed bag.

Way Too Much Filler, but still "Required Reading"

AD has lost its edge over the years as it has become more focused on life style rather than interior design (witness the extensive sections dedicated to world hotels and properties for sale, or look at the breezy, non-substantive "Letters to the Editor" to get an idea that AD is not taken seriously by designers).

Still, AD usually presents one designer, or two, whose work is inspiring, and it's Special Editions ("before and after," or "designers' own homes") usually make up for some disappointing months.

Nice but Boring

I am often amazed by how much money is spent on these homes and how little creativity is involved. I have been a subscriber [a gift from my family] for many many years and the magazine never changes. Every so often there will be something great, but there is much more beige wall to wall than anything else. Tasteful, safe and unimaginative. But of course they have high end advertisers to please. Long ago I stopped using the magazine for ideas.

3 issues arrived the first week

I signed up for a 1 year subscription and the first week, I had only 9 months left on the subscription. They sent me the current issue and 2 other issues, one a month old and one 2 months old. I kinda feel like they are giving me the bum's rush here. Great magazine, this rating is not about the magazine content.


A hit and miss magazine for me, sometimes an issue piques my interest and other issues are almost a waste but I still continue to buy or subscribe to it just for those few really good issues.

Obviously a lot of the articles are written for architects and the rich but the visual images can be inspiring and entertaining much like a trip to an art museum. I'm glad they recognize the artist's and their works which enrich the images, many magazines should follow suit for legal and educational reasons.

Love it and Hate it

Architectural Digest varies so much. Often the interiors are quite slick, lacking sophistication and elegance. For example, Sally Sirkin Lewis' homes appear and, they like many others in the journal, lack the timelessness that high quality interiors posses. I do enjoy the sources despite the fact that many of the featured homes scream Noveau.