Reviews For Yoga Journal Magazine


I am always so happy when this arrives in the mail. It's a nice curl-up-and-read-on-the-sofa magazine that is inspiring and relaxing at the same time.

yoga journal is great

I love the articles and ideas for incorporating yoga, meditation, and general mindfulness into life.

Great Magazine for Everyone

Its a really good magazine and everyone can benefit by reading it. The overall content, layout and presentation is very good. The content does show that some research has gone into the article which is very good .

I would love it if they could include some Yoga exercises for different conditions like High Blood pressure, diabetes etc.


This magazine has greatly helped me to understand a lot more about yoga. I like the advertisements, they direct to lots of useful websites.

One way to keep in touch with daily Yoga updates

I enjoy reading the yoga journal from time to time, just to keep me updated on teaching. Still new at yoga and meditation so I enjoy reading new things all the time.

Yoga Journal is a great magazine

I enjoy reading Yoga Journal for the variety of information it gives me. Inspirational stories, ways to keep my thinking positive, food ideas, and of course help / information on yoga poses and how they are beneficial to my body. If we all cultivated peace more, wouldn't that be a good thing?

my favorite magazine

Well-written and designed, YJ introduced me to exercises/asanas that cured awful back pain.
But each issue is interesting, and gets me to try something new.

YJ has improved my health and disposition.

My daughter & I love Yoga Journal

Yoga Journal is one of those magazines you wait impatiently for every month, because there are always good things inside. Even if you aren't into Yoga, there are articles about how to make your life better. And, of course, they show various poses and how to do them. My daughter took a Yoga class and I have just been using DVD's, so seeing the poses (some new to me!) and reading the instructions and contraindications for each pose is very helpful too.

enjoy yoga

Lots of good advise and positions to try. Good calendar for events.
Glad I have a subscription.

Love it

The magazine is wonderful. I have never attended a yoga class. I only do Yoga with FIT TV and dvd's. The articles are thought provoking and aligned with my beliefs. I wasn't sure about ordering, since I am not deep into Yoga,but after reading other reviews decided to take a chance. I'm glad I did it is a great positive support for my lifestyle.