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Woman's World

For today's active woman, addressing her concerns & interests with informative articles & stories

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Customer Reviews

    • Rating
    A great family magazine

    Woman's world magazine: I have been getting this magazine for years and have looked forward to every issue.It is a great magazine for women and men,for today we have men who are bringing up children alone.

    So they can get information from this magazine to help them deal with every day events,like cooking,health ,medicine and of course exercise to keep healthy.You name it and most likely you will find it in woman's world.It is fully packed with all kinds of accurate information.

    I love reading the stories about families,their tragedies and how they deal with their problems.

    The staff...

    • Rating
    Woman's World not just for women

    I am a male who is married to a magazine reading woman, she subscribes to good housekeeping,red book,and many more including woman's world. When she first brought woman's world home I thought it would be just like the rest of them, boring, same articles, same diets, same recipes, I have to admit I was wrong.

    I first started to read woman's world just to see if I was right, and was hooked right away. The format is definitely for women, but I found I enjoyed the articles they are informative, and written so that you can understand them. I enjoy the cartoons, kids say and was my face red.

    My wife teases me when I start to read because I always...

    • Rating
    My Favorite Magazine

    I could write a book about why I love this magazine! It's like a breath of sunshine in a sometimes very cloudy world. I've been a faithful reader for several years now. When I get one I read it cover to cover. One of the things I like best about it is that the stories are short. Ok, I know, that may be a lame reason to like a magazine, but after concentrating all day I like something that helps me unwind and a good short story does just that. Which leads me to my second reason for loving this magazine. It's full of "happy ending" stories. I know that life doesn't always have a happy ending but I like the fact that they seek out the happy...

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