Reviews For W Magazine


i have yet to get my 1st issue of this subscription but i love this magazine--it's the best fashion magazine out there--better than elle, vogue etc--in my opinion


I ABSOLUTELY LOVE W! I have been a fan of the magazine for as long as I can remember. It is not just a magazine that shows women in the HOTTEST fashions and trends, but it provides their readers with educational content and interesting articles about people within and outside of the fashion realm.
Must have magazine... you won't regret it!

Exquisitely modern

It is of course an axiom that this publication is geared to a female readership, but for men who love looking at women in beautiful clothes, and appreciate fine photography with brilliant creativity in advertisements, this magazine is the best in its class. On its pages you can see the Marc Jacobs spread in the alley, the inviting Yves SaintLaurent sit-down with boatneck and billowy sleeves, the sleek white drapery of Donna Karen, Valentino in decorative black with leather trim, the Akris sharp geometry, Ranjana Khan in high heels perched provocatively at the edge of her office table, and Liya Kebede in Fendi ostrich feather. For this and other reasons, this publication rises above all the rest with height greater than a Jimmy Choo heel. It is absolutely and exquisitely twenty-first century.

For Ads only

I don't look at this magazine and go "boy I can't WAIT to read the atricles inside!". Instead, when I buy it I look for the advertisements. I love the oversized pages and the photography is wonderful. I have the walls of my room adorned in ads from this magazine. They are splinded. The articles however are lacking a little. They are almost impossible to find because there are so few, and the ones they do have are just pointless.

Fab Photos

W has the best layouts of any mainstream fashion magazine today - they are creative and often quite wacky. It's not that their content is different from any other magazine, but the presentation is unique. Apart from the aesthetics of the fashion spreads, this magazine is pretty much like all the others. If you want visual inspiration, this is a great magazine. If you are looking for good reading or fascinating articles, don't buy it.

sustance and beauty.. There left the tabloids at the back door

As an aspring graphic designer who is addicted to fashion, I have found this magazine to fulfill my needs. It's not the type of magazine that going to tell you which bathing suit works well for your "bum type." They are not interested in what the tabloids say about their featured actor/actress/model or whoever. It's more about having an slightly in-depth conversation. This is a magazine appropriate for those we a refined sense of fashion, satricial writing, feature writing and the many ebbs and flows of fashion "trends." Cosmopolitan as to can of Bud Light. W...savory this one with a glass of champagne. In the vary least a merlot.


W is an excellent magazine (excellent + very big)
Although i must say to ensure you dont want waste your money..
W isnt for everyone!
This is such a good magazine though, i've being reading it for such a long time. And in my opinion every issue is worth it.
Just to give you an idea of what W is all about..its about:
*Amazing High Fashion spreads and fashion updates, etc etc
*A Backstage pass into the lives of Americas High Society
*Informative articles, offering opinions by the writer and the
readers of the magazine
*Amazing and very unique interviews of celebs and other upcoming
people whos names will be very well-known in a very short time.
Overall, if you like reading about High-Fashion, and the lives of the Rich and Famous and indulging in abit of luxury, then W is definetly the magazine for you.

Decent enough for an American mag

Now of course with most/all American "fashion" magazines, big emphasis on the parentheses, this one can tend to exploit celebrities instead of fashion but compared to its competitors it has many positives. First of all, it's huge! This magazine is great for looking at ads that are normally so much smaller in others and is terribly delicious to consume (visually of course). Everyone wants bigger TVs, computers, cars, so why not your fashion magazine? Second, this IS NOT Elle! Here you will find edgier, higher fashion that suites the desires of people with a real taste in fashion. And for those of you who give this one star for being scandalous or having "ridiculous and expensive clothing that no one would ever wear"; what the heck are you doing reading a fashion magazine?! That's kind of what it's all about and if you're not comfortable with that go read Seventeen.

Fashion Advertisements

This magazine has excellent fashion photography. Mostly this is in the form of advertisements, which take up the first 175 pages and many more throughout. The pages are almost twice the size of a standard magazine, which leaves room for more artistic ads. The articles, I find hard to relate to or take seriously. To me, they seem more like tabloid tales of sordid love affairs and over-hyped parties than any kind of actual informative articles. For a magazine that is touted as a fashion industry standard, I expected to see many more articles about fashion, styles, and designers rather than Hollywood gossip. The photographs and fashion advertisements really are great, and I believe they would be the most useful aspect of this magazine for people interested in fashion.


One of my former friends got me hooked on this magazine and I do enjoy it. I enjoy reading about the designers and their lifestyles. What I like the most is the page after page of interesting and beautiful people in their clothes. The articles are in depth and not usually everyone's cup of tea. There is one section called SUZY which is okay at best. That section is geared towards the "upper crust" (in my opinion).
I like reading the articles about the "empire" of fashion such as Yves Saint Laurent, Ralph Lauren, Tom Ford, Gucci, Versace, etc. I love how these people have set the world of fashion on fire and people like me enjoy what is out on the market.
I enjoy fashion and the fashion trends. I tend to shop at Versace, Hermes, Ralph Lauren and Neiman Marcus. I like to keep on top of the world of fashion. I consider myself a slightly above average fashion expert. I know what looks good and how it should be worn. Granted I am not that good at telling the difference between designer fashions, but I try.
I recommend this magazine for those who yern to be part of the "fashion conscience" elite. This magazine is not just for women. Even men, like myself, can appreciate beauty in all of its forms: including haute couture and the runway.