Reviews For Sporting News Magazine

Great New Format

You need to give the new format and 28 issues a year a look over. It's a huge improvement.

Mostly pleased

Being in a jr-sr high school library, I look for periodicals that are current with articles and ads that influence positive character in the reader.

A Woman's Perspective

When I ordered a year's subscription of The Sporting News, I had no intention of ever turning the pages. This was a magazine for my husband, not for this Cosmo gal.

When the subscription began arriving in our mailbox, my husband was excited. His eyes would light up when he saw that his magazine was here. He would spend hours reading the articles, sometimes completely oblivious to what was going on around him.

Was this magazine that interesting? Curious, I picked it up and read several of the articles. Hmm....not bad. Since this first perusal, I have been know to sneak a few more peeks of my husband's magazine.

The Sporting News covers 6 sports: NFL, NHL, NBA, Baseball, College Football, and College Basketball. Each of these sports has it's own section. In the professional sports (NHL, NBA, NFL, and Baseball)each of the teams are given a paragraph where the inside politics are discussed (Who is looking to go elsewhere, what coach is this team looking to replace the one they just fired, etc.)During the NFL season, the games from the prior week are analyzed, giving the Offense, Special Teams, Defense, and Coaching a grade (A-F).

Sarcasm flies high in this sporting magazine. "Caught on the Fly" is a regular column that thrives on sarcasm. During the NFL season, The Sporting News rates each team. Next to their rating, a comment is written. Again, the sarcasm is evident. "Pass rush hit as hard as a Teletubbies episode" or "Counting on Tony Banks is like voting for Alan Keyes" I have to admit, sometimes I have to laugh out loud at some of their comments.

The Sporting News also provides some in-depth articles. Often, the magazine will focus on one athlete and give the reader an inside view of what life in the NFL, NBA, etc. is like. These articles are well-written and interesting.

My only complaint is that The Sporting News does not carry much information on women's sports. Every now and then you may find a sentence or two about the women's soccer champions or Anna Kournikova. It would be a refreshing touch to include more information on women's sports such as the WNBA

Being a small sports fan, I found The Sporting News an interesting and informative magazine. I can now understand why my husband counts down the days until his next magazine arrives. (You think I'm kidding about this? He really does count...)


A Female Sports Fan

I have been a baseball fan since the "Big Red Machine" days. I saw Ken Griffey Sr. play there, and even though us Mariner fans will miss Junior, I think its neat that he went back where his dad played. When baseball season started last year I subscribed to Sporting News after a long absence. The Griffey story is just one of many I followed in the pages of the Sporting News.

I had subscribed to the magazine several years ago, but didn't really like it because it seemed to be all stats. Though there are still plenty of stats there are more in-depth articles now. The magazine is printed completely in color, and has a minimum of ads. There are also some great action photos. These are just a few improvements the magazine has made.

The magazine mainly covers pro baseball, pro basketball, pro hockey, pro football, college football, and college basketball. These are probably the sports that sell the most magazines, but I WOULD like to see a little more variety. They also give very scanty coverage to female athletes (put the Tonya Harding story to rest, please!). However I do like that when a particular sport is "in season," the most coverage is given to it. At the same time, the other sports are not left hanging; you still get to find out about the off-season drafts and trades and retirements. The feature articles, such as an in-depth article last year on Alex Rodriguez, also give personal details about the athlete besides just his stats. I enjoy these articles, particularly when the person tells what athletes and teams THEY like to watch.

I am mostly interested in the baseball and football sections and watch certain players and teams. My favorites are not always the most popular so I am thrilled when they show up in the magazine. The magazine's willingness to cover the greats and not-so-greats is one of the aspects about the magazine that appeals to me. I will also be happy as long as they don't cover athletes that continue to commit crimes and take drugs (e.g., no "poor Darryl Strawberry" stories).

I appreciate the historic moments of sports, so have kept the magazines on the Home Run race, Wayne Gretzky's retirement, John Elway's retirement, Tony Gwynn's 3,000 hits, Spurs win the NBA title, and some others. Unfortunately I let my subscription lapse at the wrong time and did not get the Dan Marino retirement issue. I love the nostalgia that goes along with sports and is preserved in this magazine.


Best For Team News

Live away from your favorite team? This is the only magazine for you. Sporting News was my first sports magazine. I still think it's just as meaty as I did when I first read it way back in Junior High School, but the way I use it has changed. Used to be, I'd read it to follow all the news about my favorite teams from the hometown I left behind. The truth is, now I can read all of the sports pages from my hometown on-line every morning, just as if I subscribed. So I no longer count on Sporting News for the very latest on MY teams. But what I do count on it for is the very latest on every OTHER team.

My favorite features? In-depth, behind-the-scenes analysis of games and the individuals who play them . . . AND weekly reports from every team in every major sport.

You won't find fluffy pieces about off-kilter sports like you might in Sports Illustrated, and you won't get the "in-your-face" attitude you get in ESPN The Magazine. But you will get lots of stats, great opinion pieces from Dave Kindred and other experts, and, most important, news about every team in every major sport.


Can you say.. "Grreat!"?

I purchased my subcription to the sporting news because i was called by one of thier representatives when i decided to not resubscribe to ESPN magazine. I had no idea how The Sporting News knew this information about me. And to put it quite frankly, it scared me. But i didn't mind all that much cause i had some extra money since i was not going to be getting the ESPN magazine and i decided to use it on this magazine. And it turned out to be a great deal and i like this magazine. Why do i like this magazine? Well first of all, it has alot of great articles. It also is number one for action packed pictures to go along with each interview or article. I would suggest this magazine to anybody that loves sports from age 12 to age 112. This magazine is a great source for sports information!


The best All-Around Sports Magazine

If you are a fan who enjoys keeping up with all your teams every week, than this is the magazine for you. They have team reports on all the major sports every week by great sports writers. The thing I like the best about this magazine is that you get everything you need to know about sports that just happened or will happen. I've wrote in the past about how I don't like ESPN magazine because they have a very thick magazine filled with advertisements, and player profiles about people I really don't care about. They never really hone in on the team aspect of sports. So with Sporting News it's more of a team game, with up to date information about what your team is doing during the season and during the off season.

Why buy this magazine???

First of all I reccommend you get the subscription which is much cheaper than the regular price. Also you get great weekly columns from Dave Kindred and co. If you like team reports like I do than you should get this magazine. They don't talk about the winter x-games and have ten pages of men dressing up like woman, or other stupid things ESPN the magazine does.

Why you might not like this magazine?

They don't really have a lot of player bios in each issue, the graphics aren't as good as ESPN the magazine. But they did change from a black and white format to a color page format a year ago so that defiantly helped!


A True Sport Fan's Bible

The Sporting News is, by far, the most comprehensive, interesting, and informative sports magazine on the market. I have tried several others, including Sports Illustrated, Sport, and ESPN the magazine, but none compare to The Sporting News. Not only does the Sporting News offer great stories and writing on a weekly basis but no other magazine provides individual team notes and statistics like it. It gives a true sports fan the best of both worlds - excellent writing with a statistical (and fan-friendly) foundation. However, even casual fans will enjoy the magazine's incredible photos and controversial editorials. In the final analysis, the Sporting News scores a perfect 10!


The Sporting News is great!!

I am a subscriber to TSN. I enjoy the magazine because of it's well written sports commentaries and interviews. The articles within the magazine are professionally written, and answer many questions readers may have. However, the magazine's statistics sometimes are outdated, but that could be explained by having two million subscriptions to fill. It gives very good in-depth team reports for NHL, NFL, MLB, and NBA. I would recommend this magazine to my friends, family, and coworkers. This magazine is good to read when you get home from a long day's work and want to relax or even before watching a sports game so you can be the most informed of your sports watching group.


Why buy it? Just read their website

I have been a subscriber to the Sporting news and other sports-related mags in the past. I am a big fan of baseball, football, college basketball and the Olympics.

First off, I think the Sporting is great for covering all sports. It is thorough, and only rivaled by USA Today for coverage of every team in every league. I do fantasy baseball, so i really appreciate the focus on every team and every player, as I cannot keep track of all of them on television, radio or in the paper.

As for writing and columns, the Sporting News is pretty solid in my book. It has writers from the LA Times (TJ Simers) and USA Today (Burwell) and Baseball Weekly (Peter Pascarelli). They can tap a lot of sources for sports, and it adds to the magazine.

I do not buy the magazine anymore because you can get everything off its website for free. Why buy the cow when you can get the milk for free?

Try the site. If you like what you read and want to get a subscription, you can get it discounted off the website.