Reviews For Smithsonian Magazine

One of my faves

This magazine is one of my all-time favorites and luckily, through milage points, I'll be getting a free subscription!

I'm the type of person who doesn't get into sit-coms or dramas. I'm a documentary freak and spend many hours watching PBS, Discovery Channel and the History Channel. I think this magazine is written for people like me. YEAH! A couple of years ago (ok many years ago but I don't want to reveal just how old I am....) they had an article about black and white photography, something that normally wouldn't interest me, but I took a look anyway. To this day I still remember that article and the stunning photographs that accompanied the article--one was of Marlene Dietrich back in the 30s. It says a lot about a magazine when you can remember an article after a decade (or two).
This magazine has a wide range of topics. History, travel, culture, etc. There has to be something in there that would interest just about anyone who can read and enjoy pretty pictures. I realize that makes it sound light-weight but it is not. You can learn a lot reading the articles as well.


Smithsonian Magazine

For a person who is interested in everything about the world, Smithsonian Magazine is the magazine to subscribe to. The articles are interesting and not always about typical subjects. Some articles were about turquoise, Native American culture, tropical fruit that tastes like heaven but smells like hell, jevelinas, artwork etc. And, unlike other magazines, it isn't flooded with huge advertisements. The ones that are selected are tasteful, and in it of themself, reflect our evolving world. Special offers for associates are available and there is also a website: Check it out.


Like good old times...

For many years now I've been reading everything online. Low price and famous name has drawn my attention to this magazine. Delivered sooner than it was expected. Great articles. I enjoy reading the paper version of the magazine, being able to read it again if necessary. And I am happy to learn again something more than the private life of the celebrities and how to lose weight. I wish there was less advertising, but I guess, that's how the magazine is funded, so be it.