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To most teenage girls, Seventeen is as essential as the telephone and lip-gloss. With its up-to-the-minute advice on beauty, fashion, fitness, relationships, school and careers, it's vital reading. Each issue includes fiction, celebrity interviews, music, movie and TV coverage, plus topical issues of personal and global interest.

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Customer Reviews

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    Seventeen: ... From a Guy's Perspective

    I'm probably the last person to write a review about Seventeen Magazine! Considering I'm a guy, its Guys Law to never pick up a teen magazine in any store or ever for that matter. Well, a couple of years ago, I moved into my Aunt's house because my new house had yet to be built. I slept on one of the Sofa-Beds in the freeeeeezing basement (I have frostbite scars to prove it :P) and had nothing to do at night. Besides the obvious though.

    Well the only reading material under the small nightlight that I could find were cookbooks and this magazine called Seventeen. I had only heard of the name before and that it was a teen magazine for girls. Ah...

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    Fun Magazine

    Seventeen magazine is a great magazine for ages 12 to 19. It has articles about movie stars, clothes, shoes, many styles, guys, dating, opinions, and embarrassing moments. The embarrassing moments are funny to read and time-occupying. Seventeen magazine also has quizzes about many different topics, and they are fun to take so you can learn more about yourself. These magazines are very good to read when you're traveling so it will cure your boredness. It is also good to subscribe to it because you will get the new issue every month. Or, you can just go to the drugstore and buy the magazine. This magazine is awesome.


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    Great Teen Advisory....

    I began buying teen magazines when I was in around 5th grade because a lot of the popular girls had pics of the then popular TV characters of 90210 in their lockers. So my mom bought me a copy of one and after I tore out the pictures, I read the magazine. It was perfect! You would swear the editors were teens themselves!! Even the language fits us perfectly. I began to buy these kind of magazines and Seventeen is my favorite. I love it so much my grandma bought and renews a subscription for it every year for my birthday..the gift that just keeps on giving! Seventeen is the most well written, complete magazine. There are way less ads and more informative...

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