Reviews For Practical Horseman Magazine

2 Hooves up!

HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! I look to "Practical Horseman" for the latest techniques. I want to become a hunter trainer and top rider, and I can find many success stories through this magazine. It also includes barn tips that all horse owners and riders should know! There are also many ads on new items that are coming into the market. I love the "Jumping Clinic" with George Morris, b/c he points out flaws in riders and horses. I love the articles that involve stories of people and their horses. My favorite article so far was on NCAA Riding and how equestrian will soon become an NCAA championship sport....that means scholarships! Great magazine, go subscribe now!!


The best thing in the mailbox !

This is I think the single best horse related magazine on the market today . It is very much an English discipline magazine however it has had articles on other disciplines from time to time as well . It is a very friendly read . The (used to be ) monthly article "The Thinking Horseman" was worth the subscription price alone ! That article now is an every other month deal , due to the latest overhaul of the magazine . However it is still well worth it's price . It has a wealth of knowledge . Many many step-by-step articles on everything from braiding manes and tails to filling haynets to riding the perfect 2 stride jump line .
One of my favorite monthly features is the "Jumping Clinic" , written by well-noted horseman George Morris . In this article he critiques 4 photos sent in by readers . I always learn a lot in this .
Overall I would have to say that if you only want to subscribe to one horse magazine , this should be it .


English horsepeople reading

More for the English styles of riding, which suits me. Keeps you abreast of what is going on with top show riders, gives helpful training articles, and some health issue articles as well. This is a nice magazine to read and the Stallion issues in January are always my favorite.

The Horseperson's Magazine

"Practical Horseman" offers information on horse health, riding tips as well as articles by or about top equestrians. I have subscribed to it for years and find it to be one of the top horse magazines going.

Enjoyable monthly

Articles from well known and well respected equestrians, coverage of major equine sporting events (show jumping, dressage and eventing), advice and articles on horse care and riding skills. I don't agree with all of it but overall well worth the money and time spent reading. Good photography too.

Not as good as I had hoped

This is my first year of getting Practical Horseman, and I probably will not resubscribe. Many people say it is good for anyone, whether they ride English or not, but I disagree.

The magazine is geared mostly towards those who rider hunters or jumpers although it also contains some information on dressage. I do not hunt or jump, I ride hunter pleasure. While I can find some tips to help me, it is not as beneficial as other magazines.

To be fair, however, I believe this magazine would be extremely useful to anyone riding hunters or jumpers. The articles are well written and clear.

The magazine does have some great columns that I enjoy. They have a 'horse show mom' column which is great as well as an amateur column.

If you ride hunters or jumpers, I recommend this magazine! However, if western, saddleseat, or hunter PLEASURE (flat classes) are more your field, I would suggest looking elsewhere.