Reviews For Outside Magazine


I love the outdoors and this magazine is amazing. It tells you all kinds of inportant information.

fast shipping, great content

I was surprised at how quickly this shipped out to us. The content is fantastic!

This magazine has something for everyone in my family

As a family, we swim,surf, and mountain bike. We are interested in health, fitness and technology. This magazine has all of this and more. We just love it!

Outside Magazine

This magazine is one of the most selected to be read in my dental office, both by men and women

Pretty smart, for a sports mag

A cut above the Mountain Dew ads that pass for outdoor magazines these days. So many of these magazines are either ridiculously obscure, or way too adrenaline-feuled for my tastes. Outside manages to incorporate really good writers and interesting subjects without putting too much emphasis on extreme sports.

Good Magazine for the

I've been reading Outside for 10 years or so. It sure has changed a lot. I remember when the thought of seeing a car, liquor, or cologne ad in this mag would would been absurd. Not anymore. Outside is still a fun and informative magazine, if not a bit more mainstream and pedestrian than it used to be. There are many useful articles but a lot more fluff as well. Still, the armchair adventurer in me still enjoys it overall.

Good Magazine for those who enjoy the outdoors.

I don't hunt nor do I fish, but I do enjoy the outdoors. This magazine provides the things that I enjoy doing and it also provides adventure journalism that is interesting and fun to read about.

Grab a chair or strap the gear on

If you are an adrenaline junkie and just don't have the time or money to do it all than this magazine will help you feel the rush; granted it is not the same as doing the activity but it'll work, sort of. I'm a current subscriber and have also been one in the past. I guess I came back because I just love the stories of adventure in faraway places that I may never get to see;it's the longing for adventure that never can be fulfilled. They usually have some good excercises to help your cross training, plenty of pictures of far away exotic places,and several adventure stories. This month they have a story on the war in terror in paradise(direct from the Phillipines). Another cool thing is they usually have the latest gadgets to make your sporting adventure less of a roughing it adventure. Whether or not you ever use these items is irrelevant, it is just good to know that technology is accelerating faster than the average persons checkbook can keep up with:( They also usually feature an athelete of the season to hook you in. There is also alot of eco-news for all the tree huggers, best new websites ,films, books and other media sections; in essence, there is something for everyone who loves the outdoors. It is perfect for great armchair outdoorsing after that workout to feel completely content.

Good outdoor overview

A bit too oriented towards certain viewpoints, but worth a try at the cut rate offered in GoldBox. May not renew unless rate is superb.

Worth every penny

I've been a subscriber to Outside for about five years, and it's really an enjoyable magazine. As the name suggests, it's an all-around good read for anybody who likes the outdoors. I appreciate the fact that they cover offbeat sports and make an effort to feature new & interesting places each month. Some of the writers drone on a little too long, but in all it's a good, fun magazine.