Reviews For Muscle & Fitness Magazine

Exactly what it says it is about 'Muscle' & 'Fitness'

I have subscribed to this magazine for three years and can say without a doubt, this delivers exactly what I expect - well organized and readable workout nutrition and supplementation articles supported by the latest research. I think too many people expect this magazine to be more than that - it's not and that is why I love it! They never stray from their core goal of providing great programs to help build your body.

Great idea for gifts!

This was a Christmas present for my 20 yr. old son who really likes to work out. He was so surprised and happy to get a year subscription. Magazines are a gift that they get all year so it's a great present.

"One Stop Shopping" for everything workouts and nutrition!

Stop spending any more money on workouts and diet books! Muscle and Fitness keeps you up to date every month with new workouts, the latest info on cardio, fat loss, and muscle gain, and nutrition. My workouts never get stale and never plateau because I pull out my M and F magazine and choose a new routine or change cardio and diet when needed. If you want to look good then you will have to work hard and if you don't want to put the time into doing it then pick up a magazine like Men's Fitness or Exercise. The M and F workouts can be adjusted...generally atleast one hour per day working out several days a week. I don't always recoup that fast so I don't workout as often but I look damn good. I love Muscle and Fitness and I can't wait to get it each month. And I will be a subsciber for years to come. The only drawback is that there really are too many supplement adds.

The best magazine I have come across

What's bad: Too many adds, HOWEVER, there is always typed in letters at the top or the bottom of the add whether it is an advertisement or a part of the "real" Muscle & Fitness magazine, so they are easy to scan by, if you're not looking to buy something.

What's good: Just about everything else. Not every article is exceptional, but I find that there are always at least 2 or 3 articles that are just that. Just reading about these athletes extraordinary life is rewarding, and the information in the magazine is genuinely beneficial. Currently I am struggling to take in 6 meals a day, and every time I read an article, this or that bodybuilder tells me, that HE only started making serious gains when he got to 6 meals a day. So I keep my head down, and try and stick with it, even when it is hard.

The point is, this magazine is GENUINELY INSPIRING, the information on training (go heavy and maintain tension in the working muscle throughout the motion + squeeze at top) and nutrition (eat many high-quality calories, lots of protein) is ALWAYS dead-on, and when you read about the athletes personal life, there is almost always something inspiring to gain from it (as the magazine has 'solid core values' as a must when choosing athletes for the magazine). For me, it is the perfect magazine, on building muscle, and doing so in a healthy fashion.

I highly recommend picking up a copy somewhere (do read past the adds, some are cleverly camouflaged) and see for yourself.

Sincerely, Jesper Bech, Denmark.

Muscle And Fitness

Great magazine. They got good tips on everything. Eating/Building Muscle/Sheddin excess fat/ All that. Recommend this mag to body builders. I get it every month. Good stuff.


I love this magizine and I have read every issue. It has great fitness tips for you whole body. I would definately recomend this magizine to you.

Some need to read and just not look at the titles and pics

Muscle and fitness is a decent magazine. its like most all else out there. a bit slim, but good articles beyond just working out.

theres not magically gonna be a new bodypart that appears in a future magazine. you can only train the bodyparts you have. so all the posts saying "its the same articles, big chest, huge arms, etc"

those are the ones that might wanna start reading the articles a bit more than "judging a book by its cover.....or title spot"

reason being, i;ve read this since the beginning of highschool and am now a college graduate for three years now. over 10 years of reading this magazine and yea... its the same bodyparts mentioned in a certain rotation...


its like baking a pie people.... apple pie consists of crust, install the apples, bake,then eat.

however not every apple pie is made nor tastes the same.

if more people would quick bickering over the bodyparts covered (which are limited being that humans havent changed much over the past hundred years as far as bodyparts are concerned) and pay more attention to:

1) the nutrition studies
2) different methods and tips from various people to work a part
3) new breakthroughs in supplements and nutrition.
4) and perhaps the other nicknacks sections of new products outside the gym world

more people would learn more and less people would be out of shape in this country.

if you actually wanna read a magazine for articles different methods and nutrition studies, this is a decent one.

if you are one of the idiots who just look at pictures or article titles and ASSume its all the same and T&A then come to the conclusion without thouroughly reading, that the magazine is bad, go for a picture book instead.

You can't find a perfect training magazine

I've read just about every fitness mag out there. The worst is easy to spot as they cater to the 'Roid Heads who can do 20+ sets of 50-100 reps due to their quick muscle repair assisted by illegal juice. That would be Flex and Muscle Mag. I prefer Natural Bodybuilding and Fitness magazine. Targets real athletes and competitors that aren't on the juice. Muscle and Fitness is okay. You get quite a few new training angles as well as the basics, which are necessary for the beginners (most fitness enthusiasts are STILL beginners). The only two magazine that are better are Muscle and Fitness HERS (cuz I'm a chick) and Oxygen (which caters more to the fitness competitors like me). I still see a few skin n' bones anoerexic models, but it's getting better. Advertising is a necessary evil. Deal with it. And those ads help us find out about the newest products out on the market, though those 6-8 page ads by MuscleTech (JUNK!) have got to go!

Too much advertising but the workouts will kick your butt!

If you want a good workout, this magazine is for you. The diet advice is questionable but the workouts are challenging!

Great Magazine

This magazine helps me stay focused on my body building goals. It has great articles on new techniques, scientific studies and nutrition. It is presented in a very "hip" way. I gave it four instead of 5 stars because it is a little over saturated with advertisements, but then again, what magazine isn't?

Recommend for everyone from fresh beginners to seasoned lifters!