Reviews For Motorcycle Consumer News Magazine

Thorough and Informative

Be prepared to spend a good long time when sitting down to read this periodical. As others have indicated this magazine while expensive to subscribe to is chock full of informative and well written articles concerning all aspects of Motorcycling. I look forward to each months issue and to what reviews are contained there-in. This includes both reviews on the new bikes as well as the very detailed and unbiased reviews of accessories and related motorcycling paraphernalia. This black and white magazine contains no advertising like 'Consumer Reports' but avoids the editorial extremes and ultra liberal bent that magazine sometimes portrays.
All in all I can highly recommend this magazine to all dedicated Motorcycling aficionado's like myself.


A good read

This little publication is right on. There are few self-serving articles like you find in the glossy magazines. Everything seems to be straightforward. No color pictures because that costs money. Look at the color pictures in the other publications or the dealer brochures and then read the test ride reviews in this one. The question and answer section is the best of any magazine out there. They cover nearly every question imaginable and seem to enjoy looking for answers. For a test, read their recent review of the Yamaha 1300 Sport Touring bike compared to the Kawasaki 1200 and then read the other magazine reviews. This publications writers are much less biased toward any particular brand, they simply call it as they see it. The product reviews are just as good. If they don't like it, they'll explain why. All in all, some refreshing honesty and no baloney.


Primary Reason for Buying: Product Reviews/Information

Breakin' from the pack...

Motorcycle Consumer News is not your run of the mill motorcycle magazine. It's a magazine that you will want to read from cover to cover the moment it reaches your mailbox! They get into the nitty-gritty of motorcycling; ergonomics, geometry, mind over matter, common sense product reviews. They will tell you the real deal about all things involved within the cycling world without glossing over the truth with high color ads and supported writing. You won't find this fine magazine on the newstand and for their real world viewpoint on the finer points of riding, they do come highly recommended! A great addition to Motorcycle Performance and Sport Rider.


Recommended For: Anyone
Primary Reason for Buying: Articles

The one essential moto mag

I get 6 moto magazines a month. I read them all but MCNews is the only one I bother keeping after I'm done reading it. It's the only one that does full tests on oils, cleaning products, jackets, intercoms, etc etc. Other magazines pretend to review gear but in most cases they read like press releases.


Unbiased reporting. Accepts no advertising. Well-rounded for all types of riding. Has very factual articles. The "Consumer Reports" of motorcycling.

Best out there

I have subscribed to this mag since 1997 and strongly consider it the best motorcycle magazine available. There are also some great mags available from the UK, but they are very expensive. The domestic mags (you know, the ones with all the ad's) are good for one read (at that) and then get quickly recycled. I keep every copy of this one, as they have information you may want to reference at a later time. Their road tests of new bikes are very informative and compared to other reviews (magazine or on-line) they write the hard truth and give me (the consumer) information to help decide what to buy. The other motorcycle magazines are only interested in pleasing their masters. (motorcycle and moto-gear manufacturers who advertise in their rags and expect gentle reviews of their product) No offense, but if you are young and mostly interested in the latest 600cc sportbike camparo with glossy photos, you might want to stick with the others. This is a magazine that has appeal for adults. Give it a try, you won't be disappointed.

Fantastic Magazine

Oh man this is a fantastic magazine!! Since the price of gas went up, I've been riding more and more. This magazine keeps me up on all the latest. Highly recommended. I've ridden over 100,000 miles and close to 40 years and ALWAYS learn something new from this magazine.

MCN rating

Best M/C magazine available -unbiased reporting - No ties to mfgrs.Good content especially dr.flash gordon - wish he could be my personal primary care physician.

Solid motorcycle mag, no B.S. no adds no teenage stunts just pure rider info

It is no surprise to me that there are no reviews less than 4 stars. This is without a doubt one of the worlds most genuinely helpful magazines that all other magazine formats should be based on. Run by a crew of writers and editors that have combined for eons of experience and 10's of thousands of miles of rising this magazine reviews new models and products related to riding, offers a column by a doctor on staying healthy as a rider, numerous articles on riders rights eductaion and politics, the state of the industry, used motorcycle price guides, and many recounts of tours and trips from writers and readers alike. This is a magazine that was black and white print 2 years ago and resisted the change because the readers did not want the magazine to feel different like any other add packed nonsensical waste of paper. But even with the color change this is still the same great unbiased and information packed read.

Reliable, honest reference point

I have read MCN for over eight years and just renewed. It is an excellent source for unbiased information on all bikes. Equally important, this magazine features regular articles on motorcycle safety, specific maintenance issues, legislation which affects riders, interesting routes to ride and plenty of accurate information on all types of biking gear. These articles are always current, well informed and well written. I regard Motorcycle Consumer News as an essential part of my riding life.