Reviews For Mother Earth News Magazine

"lost its compost" for a while but slowly getting back to nature

Somehow, the Mother became more like something else... Sunset? I dunno, but it really lost its way from the down-to-earth, get-down-in-the-dirt, raise-chickens-in-your-backyard-&-fertilize-with-the-rest viewpoint.

I miss the newsprint, non-glossy paper, the substantive articles for people who really are living off the land, not cruising over it in SUV's and entertaining themselves with dreams of organic lavender.

That said, it seems to be coming around the corner to its old self again, but it's a long, slow, return I think. I am heartened by the direction it is taking, and subscribe once more to hope it'll keep going that way. I mean, just the glossy paper alone makes it suspect amongst my crew! I'll hide it when the purists come, and hope it keeps getting back to the Earth.

Love it but...

Love the down-home thinking with a modern twist. I didn't rate it a 5 star because it doesn't come 12 months. Some of the suggestions are also hard to do for those of us who work and have children and live in the city. Many articles are pertinent and do-able for city dwellers.

Great magazine overall

As I've enjoyed living-off-the-land kinds of stuff since I was a teenager, this magazine was an amazing find in my early 20s only to find out my mother had been reading it for years! Their articles are interesting, inspiring, and encouraging. I think a lot of their ideas are very do-able, although some are difficult if you don't have the land. The only negative thing I'd have to say about it is that some of their issues/articles seem a little redundant. Overall, though, I enjoy reading these issues, some of them over and over. They really appeal to the earth roots personality.

Your Mama!

Do you like to garden? Looking for a new way to grow? Want to be an organic gardener? Want to pay for a magazine that has adds on every other page?
If you answered no to the last one, then read on.

I bought a Mother Earth News in the supermarket a while back, because I remembered my dad's collection in the master bathroom. I used to love to glance through them as a child. I took my time and read every article. I noticed a few things about the new magazines:

They didn't have the same rough paper.
The advertising was every other page.
They are very pro hunting.
Not so helpful.

I am not trying to put them down, but in all fairness this magazine isn't worth a subscription. I looked around for something like it and did not find a magazine in the supermarket. I have found e-zines that did justice. I hope you take the time to think about paying to be advertised to on this high of a scale.

Thank you