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Martha Stewart Weddings

All the best in exquisite Bridal planning.

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Customer Reviews

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    Wedding Help for the Creatively Challenged

    The wedding market is saturated with everything from websites to vendors to coordinators to self-help wedding books to magazines. Because of that, it's hard for any one publication that stands out, but the "Martha Stewart Weddings" magazine is the shining star over all other wedding magazines.

    Sure, the gown designers who advertise in her pages are not geared for brides looking to find an inexpensive gown, and maybe some of the ideas aren't practical and are too time-consuming for your particular wedding needs, but as far as comprehensive articles that provide sound information and pictures of beautiful flowers, centerpieces, cakes,...

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    This Is THE Bridal Magazine To Buy!

    Went to the bookstore this weekend and bought a copy of every single bridal magazine they had, no lie! Of all of them, Martha Stewart's Wedding is the best. Let me tell you why......
    Modern Bride and Brides are the same magazines with different covers :-) Most of the other bridal magazines list local venues, retailers, etc.; the same ones are in just about all the magazines.
    Pick up Martha Stewart's Weddings and you'll find many different things. First, you will actually find ideas of things to make for your wedding. How often do you see that in Modern Bride?
    Second, each issue is not the same as most of the other magazine's are.

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    This is the only bridal magazine you need...

    to plan an elegant and memorable occasion. Every issue contains pages of beautiful and "good things"; it's no wonder brides show up at the florist's and baker's with pages torn from the latest issue in tow. I find nearly every page of this magazine visually stunning, and nearly every article informative.

    Although Martha Stewart's Weddings is one of the smallest wedding magazines on the newsstand, it offers the most creative ideas for everything from pew decorations to menus. Every issue contains a handful of real weddings with wonderful ideas for creating your own unique and personal wedding, as well as some of the most elegant wedding...

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