Reviews For Mad Magazine

A garanteed laugh every time

Mad magazine is a classic, hysterical collection of articles, drawing, etc. Its a necessity for any teenage boy and any guy with a sense of humor. The articles are enough to keep you laughing for hours, not to mention the drawings and comics. I have never subscribed (because of lack of money) but I buy it whenever possible. I have a collection of about fifty magazines and i read them constantly. The best part is that they are hysterical every time. Just as funny as when I first bought them.
The only bad aspects are the price and some of the content. Mad costs more than most magazines and some of the humor is a little vulgar(keep out of reach of parents and wives). Overall I feel that Mad is a great magazine and is worth subscribing to.


some funny sh*t

This magazine is the funniest magazine Ive ever read.There is a magazine like MAD called crack but I find Mad alot funnier.One of the funniest things about this magazine is when they make fun of movies like when they mad fun of star wars episode 1. they used names like this: Quigonjin=Quitegonejim,anakin skywalker=anakin skystalker and darth maul=death mall.I also found it very funny when they made fun of wild wild west.That was one of the funniest ones ever.A main comic in the magazine is spy vs spy.Its the white spy vs the black spy one wins one dies.the best thing about this magazine is its always diffent theres always diffent articles in each magazine.I would diffently recommend this to any one who enjoys comedy.I hope you enjoy the magazine.


Best humor magazine to date

I grew up reading copies of MAD my brothers bought and 1960s and 1970s issues at my grandparent's house and I was addicted immediately. Their takes on politics and life in general were really something I could relate to and laugh at.

I finally got a subscription in 1994 until last year when I lost track of it. I didn't pay much attention to it afterwards until I heard the worst marketing news since New Coke: MAD would start running ads. I couldn't believe it. I think it's no coincidence that they made this move AFTER Bill Gaines' death.

Dick Debartolo was quoted as saying, "Wake up; it's a better magazine." Oh please, Dick. You try to say that to Bill Gaines' face. What a slam to Bill.

Also, the Spy v.s. Spy guy and Don Martin are both dead now. MAD couldn't be the magazine it was five years ago.

Now I have an extensive collection of MADs from 1964-2000. Unless MAD pulls their ads which they wisely did in the 50s, I'll be happy with my back issues.


Grandson's favorite!

This mag was my son's favorite & has come full circle & become my grandson's!
Go, Mad Magazine!!
Talk about staying Power!!

MAD, glad, happy, sad...(poetically challenged w/o)

I stopped buying and reading MAD magazine right around the age of 12. I put down the pre-teen bible in favor of other, more enlightening mags. Like porn, sports illustrated (swimsuit editions only), thrasher and, well, porn. I never really paid any more attention to it, sure I?d see one sitting around every now and then, but it has never elicited the excitement I felt as a kid. So when the time came for me to review MAD for this poetically challenged write off (hosted my the always congenial badkittyM, thom413 and imokliel) I just stole it. Good thing too ?cause today?s MAD is about as bad as this poetry?.

A Spy vs. Spy Haiku

Oh black spy. Why fight?
Has the white spy done you harm?
Look out! It?s a bomb!

A MAD Limerick

Nothing makes me sadder,
To see that MAD?s not madder.
After so many years,
And so many beers,
I thought it would make me gladder.

MAD in free verse

It looks the same
on the cover.
Inside though,
Everything has changed.
It?s not the MAD I remember,
There?s just too much color.

A MAD sing-a-long

MAD fold-ins are really quite silly!
So sing me another verse,
Worse than the other verse,
Hey! Who's touching my willie?

Str8Poop had a little mag

MAD has a little friend,
His poop is str8 you know.
And everywhere dastr8poop went,
His MAD was sure to go.

Early History of MAD

You have heard of the legend of MAD
in the old days and how
it was the funniest thing around.
Cracked, the son of MAD,
tried to take many a MAD reader,
failed to impress many a 12-year-old,
except the stupid, unwashed orphans.
MAD prospered under the sky
until people everywhere
read Snappy Answers to Stupid Questions.
It was a MAD magazine!

e. e. cummings has himself a read

oh, alfred you bring back so many memories
of times gone by and of laughter that


downthroughtheages chatching up with an old man
memories of our time together more precious than
when you?re at


Lord Byron takes a dump

When a man hath nothing to read on the can,
Let him reach for his trusty MAD;
Let him read of the glories of Alfred E. Newman,
And no poop will ever make him feel sad.

To make light of pop culture is always the plan,
And it?s usually done without flare;
Read the old issues whenever you can,
With this new stuff it?s like they don?t care.

Well folks, that's it. Short and sour. If there is one thing this w/o taught me it?s that I hate poetry! I mean really, nothing the French excel at can be any good. Something else it taught me is to be more selective about my write-offs, as this entry stands out like a stinking runny dog turd on the vast white shag carpet of poetic goodness that is the talent of the other contributors:

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Alfred E. Neuman rises again!

I buy this magazine for my fourteen year old son. Then, when he is not looking, I read it too.

It reminds me of an innocent time gone by, a time of National Lampoon and Mother Jones. Of college, and idealism, and just being silly for the sake of being silly.

We all need a little silly in our lives.

The magazine hasn't changed in over twenty years. Only the satire remains the same.

The April 2000 issue of Mad still offers satire on television, Dudson's Creek or Boobs want to be a Millionare, and the always popular Spy vs Spy, Mad's comment on the cold war and beyond.
The Lighter Side remains a constant, with Mad taking a look at the Court system.

I got a chuckle when reading the send up of the Regis Philbin Millionare, in one frame Mad has Regis aka Rhesus asking a contestant "Is that your final answer?" "Are you confident?" "Your absolutely Final final answer?" "So then you're saying "D is your lasty-nasty, Trooly-Ooly, fee-fi-fo-final answer?"

You have to laugh a little at the silliness of that satire.

A former colleague of my husband's married an editor from Mad, and I have it from a good source that the staff never takes themselves very seriously. At the wedding of my husband's colleague to the Mad magazine editor they served a mountain of molded flan for dessert.

The Mad writer's know the market they are selling to and writing for. So each month we give our son the money to purchase the latest edition. It is our attitude that anything that gets a child reading (within the constraints of the penal laws of our household) is acceptable.

Let's face it. At fourteen, he could be reading worse than Mad.


getting (going and growing) old

I like MAD magazine overall...
The writers have a lot of talent...

but problem with this magazine is the fact that they are repeating a lot of their things over and over again.
Things I saw a few years ago are being brought back (and not even some of the best stuff) and being advertised as 'classics' or 'now in color' which makes me ask the question "have they no new ideas?"

Well... I think they do, but I think that they are getting lazy, and over corporate. Prices are going up too, and rather frequently, and that makes me buy less and less issues. So, I am not catching a lot of the new stuff. Sad, because it can be a good read. But I am not a huge fan of most re-runs, and these magazines seem to be summer episodes of your favorite shows... good, but not nearly as much as the first time, and certainly not paying for, again.

I just hope the MAD gets its act together, and writes a lot of new stuff... they will get back this buyer!

Right now, I give them a three... they could be a five... if they only tried.


Simply not what it used to be...

I started reading this magazine in the early 90's, when I was a kid. My dad had a few from the 60's and 70's, and I have expanded my collection since then to include a good amount from the 80's. That stuff was brilliant.

Artists and writers die, we know that. New artists and writers can be good, but the MAD magazine of the 2000's isn't worth buying. Why did MAD start putting in ads? Wasn't it making enough money by itself? I loved MAD for the fact that it was ad-free, and the brilliant writing and artwork, laced with biting satire. Now, the humor in there is more of the "potty humor" level, and is the kind of thing juveniles laugh over.

Now it's not worth the paper it's printed on, and CRACKED magazine has gone the same way and already ended publication several years ago. Last time I read a MAD magazine, I found myself completely bored and impatient with it, and wondering how such a great magazine could have become so lackluster.