Reviews For Ladybug Magazine


No ads. Large print. Beautiful illustrations. Interesting age appropriate stories. Every magazine by this publisher (Cricket, etc) are all quality magazines that are child centered.

My daughter is five. I think this is a bit young for her but she loves it and 'reads' it cover to cover. She also enjoys looking at the pictures as well.

This is worth every penny.

Just the BEST

I have a one yr old who enjoys Babybug and a 2 yr old who enjoys Ladybug. These are just THE BEST children's publications. We save every Babybug for posterity because the art is fantastic. Can't recommend these enough to family and friends.

Excellent magazine for young children!

As with other publications by the Cricket Magazine group, Ladybug is an excellent source of stories, pictures, and poems for young children. Although the recommended age group is stated as between 2-6, I find my [...]is not as keen on reading this magazine with me, and prefers Babybug which I still subscribe to. I think she's getting there, but it might suit kids ages 3-6 better as the texts are longer, and the sentence constructions are more complex. I would still recommend it though for each issue comes with wonderful illustrations & great stories/poetry. The best part is the absence of in-your-face advertising! A wonderful publication that will encourage the love of reading in young children.

We love it!!

Ladybug magazine is fabulous. After subscribing for a few years, my girls in first grade are beginning to read it themselves. Their 10-year-old brother reads to them as well. They know all the regular features, and dance around when it arrives in the mail.

My niece loves this magazine!

She loves this mag! The stories are quite good, as well as the illustrations. She often goes back to prior issues, so I can tell she is holding onto most all of them. All in all, I have to say that getting her a subscription was a success in encouraging her to read.

Best for preschoolers

I love this magazine. It always has fun stories and games for my son. He loves getting a magazine in the mail just for him.

A loved magazine

My daughter LOVED this magazine and couldn't wait to take it to Grandma's house to make the recipe's and do the projects.
She's now into Spider age level but when I have my 2nd child I'll be ordering this magazine again for them.

Enjoyed until the date on the address label (and after)

I got Ladybug for years until the date on the address label (when the subscription ended). I still enjoy reading them today. I always read them cover to cover and read some parts over and over. I especially enjoy the comics.

Ladybug Magazine

I ordered a gift subscription for my 6 year old niece, and she just loves this magazine. She reads it every night before bed and is always anxious for the next issue to arrive.

Charming - great keepsakes

My daughter loves this magazine. The illustrations and stories are absolutely charming. I love that it gets kids interested in outdoor activities like gardening. It helps me keep us away from the TV and out of the mall a little bit more.