Reviews For Kids Discover Magazine

Quality content, no ads, worth keeping back issues!

I am surprised to see the low average rating on this magazine. I think it is fabulous! The issues are not thick, but remember there are no advertisements!! The topics cover information that may or may not be covered in school history and science classes. The editors understand the magazine's target audience (~7-13 years old), and the articles are accessible, but not dumbed down. Each page features colorful photographs, maps, and drawings. The back issues are useful resources for school projects.

Excellence for Children

This is an excellent resource for children who are interested in learning in depth about one subject. Each issue has lovely photographs that enhance the text. There are pictures, drawings, graphs and more - all covering the same subject. My son who is 9 completely enjoys this magazine and shares with me a lot of what he has learned when reading it.

Well worth the money.

Our favorite kids magazine!

We have been getting this magazine for over 3 years and absolutely love it! Our kids are 10, 8, & 6 and it's very age appropriate for them. The 6 year old is just starting to read but loves all the wonderful pictures. The kids can't wait to see what the topic will be each month. They learn so much from this magazine and quite honestly their father and I do too!
This is a very high quality magazine I would recommend for all children.

Declining Quality of a Once Great Magazine

Recently KIDS DISCOVER has been "repeating" issues -- that is simply reprinting ENTIRE issues it has previously published -- this wouldn't be so bad I guess but they are not even updating the content.. the result is that they are printing old information that is more than just out of date and it's just plain wrong... I guess they are doing it to save money but they've lost my family's trust..

Watch out!

The magazine does have good information, but not for a's more geared to an adult. Watch out though! They like to send you notices of collection if you do not renew the magazine when your subscription is up.

Takes Forever to Ship

Plan on about 6 months or more to get your first issue. Ordered for a child's B-day 2 months ahead of birthday and now three months later, is supposed to arrive next month.