Reviews For Horse Illustrated Magazine

Wonderful and Informative

This is definitely one of if not the best horse magazine I have ever read. The articles are extremely informative and they appeal to Western and English riders. I especially love their articles on breeds. Every month they have an article on a breed along with a poster. The articles on showing are very helpful. They also have a horse show issue that answers just about any questions you could have, usually in June, which is when the bulk of horse show season starts. All in all this is one of the most helpful horse magazines for professionals and novices alike.
For people who like this magazine I would also recommend Equus and Horse and Rider.


Great for everyone!

While Equus is my favorite, Horse Illustrated has got to be a close second. I have subscribed to this magazine for years, and I love it.

The magazine offers a monthly featured breed which gives me a chance to learn about other breeds. In addition, they always have a centerfold which is a picture of at least one horse from the featured breed. When I was a teenager, those centerfolds lined my walls! ;)

H.I. offers good columns such as a training question column, health care question column, and behaviour column.

Articles cover health care issues, nutrition, and training articles. Many of the training articles can be applied to any discipline: such as learning to sidepass, making flying lead changes, and learning to perfect your circles.

This is a magazine for the beginner up to advanced rider. It is good for novice horse owners and those who have owned horses for years. I highly recommend it.


Super read !

Horse Illustrated was one of the first horse magazines I subscribed to when I first got interested in horses . 10 years later , and with me now the proud owner of a spoiled brat of a horse , this magazine is still on my shelves and it is one of the first subscriptions to get renewed every year .
It is a very informative magazine , an easy read . You can pick up an issue , not knowing anything more about horses than one end eats and bites and one end poops and kicks and you could still get a lot out of this magazine . The rank beginner would find it very useful . And I still do , even after so many years of reading it .
There are many pictures . I frequently use the pictures as references when painting pictures , the colors are vibrant , making it easy to see shadings . The monthly breed centerfold is also wonderful , a brief synopsis of the breed with links to find out more information if you desire .
Overall a fantastic magazine . Well worth the subscription price !


Horse Illustrated - GREAT!

This magazine is by far one of the best equine magazines around. Many other magazines give you helpful information on things like poisonous pasture plants, saddle care, show and grooming tips, and hoof care, but this magazine doubles the information. They also have fold out centers featuring different breeds all the time. These have got to be the most informative issues I have ever read in the horse magazine catalog. Whether you have a horse or just love them, you will love Horse Illustrated!



This magazine, I would have to say, is one of the best equestrian magazines out there in the horse world today. It offers monthly breed promotions of all kinds of breeds, and their training advice varies from halter, to western, to English. They've got short, informative articles, and they make what they are saying easy to understand. They also have a picture gallery at the end of each magazine that is just too cute. The pictures in the magazine are great, and the little comic strips are worthy of laughs. This magazine is definately worth subscribing to! The price isn't too high either...actually, it's pretty cheap.


Neigh! (Yea!) A Great Magazine for Horselovers!

This magazine really scratches an itch when it comes to beautiful horse photos and individual breed studies, not to mention the excellent horse training articles and very important horse care information contained in each monthly edition. The attractive layout and precious letters from horsey readers (I was especially touched by the letters from owners of older horses) makes this magazine a great pick for horse-lovers of all kinds -- owners and non-owners, and very enlightening for wanna-be-owners. The advertising section in the back of the magazine is a great resource for locating breeders, tack and supplies, where to go for a weekend getaway on horse-back, and even schools that offer education in Vet/Farrier fields. I give Horse Illustrated a BLUE RIBBON!


This magazine is another must have for anyone who loves horses and wants to learn more about their care. As with Equus it is highly educational and enjoyable. As an Equine Science student, this magazine augments my studies.

Excellent Horse Info

We love this magazine and sent it as a gift subsciption to a friend. It has varied information on horse health, grooming, all styles of riding, etc. It is very good for diverse information - it doesn't focus just on one aspect of horsemanship (ie western riding only) - so if you need a good magazine for general subjects this is definitely a good one to choose.

Horses! Horses! Horses! Do I need to say more

This mag as a bit of it all and seems to be well rounded. Many good tips, some are funny but bottom line my horses are better for it.

Outstanding General Information on Horsemanship, Horsekeeping

"Horse Illustrated" is an outstanding compendium of horsemanship, horse-keeping and breed information. With beautiful photographs to boot, it's an outstanding choice for horse owners, or those who happen to love horses.