Reviews For Harper's Magazine

Haven't seen an issue yet?

In this day and age, it seems like I would have seen an issue before's been over a month. I know I like the magazine, I'd just like to get it.

Thoughtful Must Mean Boring

Harper's reminds me of a book reading I once went to. The author read a selection from Proust. It took forever and when she finally got to the 'point' the crowd all murmured and nodded in approval at its profundity. I thought I was going to go out of my mind.......what's so profound about taking 1000 words to make a point that could have been made in ten words or less? And therein lies my problem with Harper's.

People here compare it with other "thoughtful" magazines like the Atlantic and the New Yorker.'s not like those magazines at all; every paragraph in those magazines is packed with information that is critical to understanding the entire story. They don't take the rambling "blue highways" approach like Harper's does. If you really want a magazine that is balanced and in depth without the wandering prose of Harper's try my two favorites: the New Yorker and the Economist. I also recommend the Atlantic.

For culturally esoteric people only

I was bored by this magazine. The artistic analysis and views were useless to me. I have a feeling a small group of people into arts and culture would love it. Not for a casual reader hoping to be entertained.

Kitty Litter Pan Liner...

... and that's only if you hate the cat. The tired, saggy voice of tired, saggy northeastern liberalism that has ABSOLUTELY NOTHING TO SAY to anyone who's not part of tired, saggy, New York literary-lit-crit circles (or people with pretensions or desire of belonging thereto). Whatever Harper's once was, it isn't any more -- it's just sad, sorry garbage, The New Yorker without the cartoons. Read The New Criterion instead.

magazine in decline

I dont enjoy this publication at all anymore, dont know if editorial leadership has changed

Slow death of thoughtful liberalism

There was a time when liberalism had a connotation of deep thinking, tolerance, and openness to healthy, civil debate.

No longer. And HARPER'S is a perfect symbol for all that ails the Left. To call this magazine "Left leaning" is a farce. It doesn't completely, totally, enthusiastically, and blindly tumbles and falls into the "Far Left" swamp. The tone is often hysterically and shrilly partisan, reflecting the ongoing deafness and disconnection that the leftist media elites have towards the mainstream of America.

The quality of the writing and feature selection has declined precipitously through recent years. This rag is about as credible now as THE GUARDIAN, NATIONAL ENQUIRER, or, come to think of it, The New York TIMES! Save your money, LOL!