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If you're into flexing your muscles, then Flex Magazine is for you. Both men and women will receive valuable advice on how to sculpt their bodies and achieve those perfect pectorals. Flex offers tips on workout routines and nutrition, as well as information about worldwide contest coverage.

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Customer Reviews

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    All time favorite muscle mag

    Great magazine!!! Always look forward to receiving each monthly issue. Loads of info on training techniques, diets, supplements, latest scientific studies on nutrition as well as informative articles and excellent pics featuring all the top bodybuilders on the planet. A must have magazine for all persons serious on making health and fitness a lifestyle.

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    Better than I thought

    This magazine surprised me when I picked up the October 04 issue. I had expected it to be as bad, if not worse than Muscle and Fitness, a magazine of rehashed info. The issue I picked up, however, had articles on upcoming, and top bodybuilders.

    Full of color photos, the magazine is great motivation, and the workout info is great as well. I do, however agree, that most of the guys in there are probably juiced so much, an average guy shouldn't think he'll get that physique.

    All in all, good info, good motivation (images).

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    A decent magazine for a hardcore gym rat.....

    I like this magazine a lot better than Muscular Development magazine. MD claims to be the biggest magazine, but that's to their disadvantage. MD is too hardcore, but after a while all the articles contain the same content. All of the pages are a lot of the same old stuff. Flex magazine is new and fresh every month. It is a little bit commercialized, but it makes it able to be read by either male or female workout enthusiasts/bodybuilders. It is filled with a lot of unorthodoxed workout routines to help add some spice to a plateauing workout. I used to subscribe to Flex, but switched to see what all the hype was about on all the other magazines. Now I'm...

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