Reviews For Field & Stream Magazine

Fabulous mag. for nature lovers!

If you are a hunter or a nature lover, the pictures in this magazine are well worth every penny. I really enjoy reading the articles and finding out about new products on the horizon. Whether its deer or fish, they always have some information I can use.

Great magazine

This magazine is the best one out there. Everything is discussed, from surviving in the bush to gourmet deer recipes. If your a fisher, hunter, gun enthusiast, knot tier, hiker, boater, or kite flying, this magazine is for you. It is the only subscription I have that I really read front to back. I highly recommend it to anyone.

Not F&S from 15 years ago...

I never liked F&S until I picked up a recent copy in my doctors office. I was impressed, and started to take a peek once in a while. This is no longer the Field and Stream with drawings and paper-bag material pages anymore....

This is the single best outdoor/hunting magazine I've found. The addition of "Survival" to Hunting and Fishing is what puts it over the top. Fantasic read, every month.




What more can you say.. its got fishing,hunting and the outdoors.
If you like any of these then get it.

Field & Stream (1-year auto-renewal)

This magazine gives a broad range of articles on anything from hunting to fishing to shooting. Great to have laying around.

Great magizine for the price

Field and Stream has always been a great magizine. I was able to get this for 5 dollars for a one year subscription. For this price it can;t be beat. The magizine offers great product reviews, hunting tips and survuval tips. Very well done.

Big-Time Hunting/Fishing Tips!

For about two years, I've had a subscription to this magazine. This magazine has great information to help hunters and fishermen alike to get the big ones. This magazine can help anyone, the new hunter or the old pro. The articles give the best information to getting where the big boys hang out. It has helped my dad and myself to get some of the best areas where there are huge bucks and bass. The articles are written by pro hunters and fishermen, so you know that you are getting the facts straight from the source. They also have some humor throughout the magazine. They give you the newest information, news that can affect your outdoors experience, great opinions on some SUV's and products, and the best times of the day for deer, turkey, fish, etc. I recommend anyone who goes outdoors for hunting or fishing to pick up one of these magazines to learn information that can help you get some trophies on your wall.


Try It, You'll Like It

If you are a subscriber to Field and Stream, then you are already sold on its merits. If not, then pick up a copy the next time you are at the dentist's office. You may be surprised at how much you enjoy it.

Obviously, the magazine is geared toward hunters and fishermen, but the quality is so good that others will enjoy it as well. This magazine has many positive attributes.

First of all, it is not overly loaded with advertisements. If it seems thinner than other magazines, it is not due to a lack of content, just a lack of advertising.

Another aspect that I like is the fact that there is a lot of reader feedback and interaction. They have a "Cheers and Jeers" (letters to the editor) section, but they also have two or three other articles which include readers' questions or feedback.

They approach their basic subjects in a nice variety of ways. There are narrative stories, short tips, long descriptive articles, etc. The attitude of the magazine is not preachy or defensive about hunting. It merely floods the reader with information from all angles, all very interesting.

It is truly remarkable to me that a fresh issue can come out month after month since each issue is so full of content. It is also admirable that the stories are entertaining and some of the tips are useful to non-"sportsmen" and "sportsmen" alike.


Field & Stream WOW !!

We have been receiving F&S for about 5 years now.
It has had great inspirational stories. Sometimes you can
almost imagine being there, through reading the article.
It has wonderful tips that can be used throughout the years.
It is done well enough that my small children love to read
it. They even try some of the tips. You can write questions
and actually get a response. It has guides for the best and
worst times for fishing, what days they expect highs and lows.
Depending on the moon and many other astrological aspects of
fishing. It shows year round hunting and fishing reports for
what ever game season it may be. It stays on top of the latest
info, normally not right in your specific area, but close.
They inform you of new items, and how effective they are.
It give you tips on how to use the new items and even tell you
when they are not the best.
Then your children can use the pictures and articles for school