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All You Need To Know About Current Horror Movies

"Fangoria" Magazine is a publication produced totally for the horror movie lover. This magazine covers everything from straight to tape to mainstream release. From Japan to Australia, and right on back to the United States, this issue covers worldwide movies, all related to the horror genre. It's damn near impossible for any horror fan to dislike such a magazine because there's so much in depth coverage of the subject matter.

Like all magazines, "Fangoria" is up to date with the industry, covering the new releases whether in theaters or on DVD. The reviews are actually fairly brief, and all the more so for straight to tape schlock. The features on the new releases is actually fairly substantial with interviews, behind the scenes, anecdotes, and photos from the film. It's the photos, however, that are actually spoilers in revealing the fate of a character. If you haven't guessed by now, these images don't show the hero sitting pretty and drinking a cup of tea, they show victims being gutted, skinned alive, you name it, "Fangoria" illustrates it with these gruesome photos. Alternately frustrating, but perversely entertaining, it's enough to make you want to see the movie. But one such recall would be with the recent dud "Club Dread", in which the story reveals the fate of some key characters that would be considered a spoiler. If you want to go in the movie without predicting the outcome of either the film or the characters, then don't read "Fangoria".

But having said that, "Fangoria" is for the true horror fanatic. Someone who enjoys horror movies should read this publication because it's precisely what they'll want to know. The magazine also specializes in thrillers and science fiction movies with horror elements. It discusses movies like "One Hour Photo" or "Insomnia", both with Robin Williams which would be considered thrillers. It also goes into cover stories like "Starship Troopers" which of course, features gratuitous violence and blood and "Hellboy". The reviews of their films can be anything ranging from, as said straight to tape crapola to prestigious studio releases. The reviews are fair and democratic, and never speak down to the reader but actually seem more of a general review than a deconstruction of the movie and the director's work.

One of the drawbacks to this magazine is the design, which certainly strays from professional, and more embraces it's kitsch side. The fonts are lovingly designed to celebrate the spirit of the magazine from it's splatter design of the cover story titles, to it's page by page number. The font of the story seems a little outdated however, and almost kind of childish in that sense. Another is the price, which is above the normal price for a magazine because "Fangoria" is only a monthly publication, they charge a bit more in price. You're likely to find this magazine at a Barnes & Noble than your local newstand. For anyone who has neither, then I suggest a subscription. It also has a backup issue list of which you can special order these magazines dating all the way back to the 1980's. Considering they are backup issues, their worth is a little more than the average cost of the magazine. "Fangoria" also changes with the times, and is very up to date with all the happenings in the horror movie genre and occasionally covers television specials (think Stephen King's "Kingdom Hospital). Basically,

Summing things up, I can't think of a better magazine that would cover the horror genre more than "Fangoria". Consider it a guide called "All You Need To Know About Current Horror Movies" without ever having to watch the boob tube or go on the internet.


Primary Reason for Buying: Articles
This is a: News

"Fangoria-My Bloodlust Is Alway's Satisfied""

When I was a kid, I religiously collected the mother of all horror magazines..."Famous Monsters Of Filmland". In 1975, I went to a horror convention, hosted by "Famous Monsters". What an eye opener that was. I met Ingrid Pitt, from Hammer Films and Peter Cushing. What a thrill it was, to meet such wonderful people. From that point on, I was totally hooked, on anything horror. A special thanks, goes to "FM" editor in chief, Forrest J. Ackerman...for planting the seed, that has sprouted into an obsession. That publication, sadly became extinct and filling the void, was none other than "Fangoria".

A magazine that has fed the hungriest of horror fans, with up to date info. on movies and special effects make up. A truly impressive magazine, "Fangoria" is down right gutsy and entertaining. Gorehounds and horror enthusiast's will appreciate this magazine, for its graphic pictures and well written and informative articles. "Fangoria" is worth every penny...and then some. The publishers that have put this magazine together, have created a labor of love, for the horror fans, that take their horror serious. One of the great thing about this magazine, is the conventions. I have gone to several horror conventions, sponsored by "Fangoria" and they have been the best. With the likes of such personalities as "Tom Savini", "Linnea Quigley", "Christopher Lee", "Clive Barker", "Michael Berryman" and "Gunnar Hansen" being part of the festivities, my obsession had only gotten worse.

If you are one of the faithful, who love everything horror, I strongly suggest, you go out and buy "Fangoria"...the only magazine that oozes with blood and gore.


You can't GORE wrong!

Fangoria is the premier horror related magazine! Everything there is to know about horror movies can be found somewhere in Fangoria!

I have been a collector of this publication since I was very young! My walls used to be wallpapered with the pull-outs and pin-ups that came in each issue!

When you want to know the 411 on any new horror movie you can always count on the fine folks at Fangoria to give it to you! I have heard about so many new horror movies through Fangoria!

Along with keeping readers posted on upcoming releases, Fangoria does an excellent job of reporting on current and past releases too! With everything from interviews with actors to behind-the-scenes photos and stories!

Fangoria goes out of their way to get the low down on special effects and make-up for all the greatest horror movies! If there's Corn Syrup blood and latex involved, you can bet Fangoria will be there with pen and pad taking notes! (And most likely pictures too!)

Fangoria also dedicates a section to previewing new straight-to-video horror movies as well as reviewing classics that have been released on video.

Even low budget, cheese-fests can be found buried within the pages of this Holy Grail of Horror! Fangoria knows that true horror fans want all the dirt on all the movies! And, believe me, they have their shovels working overtime to collect it all for you!

Fangoria not only covers horror movies, but they also cover horror novels, comics, toys, and everything else horror related!

If you're a true horror fan, you need to quit watching I Know What You Did Last.... no wait... if you're a TRUE horror fan you're not wasting your time with that teen trash film to begin with! So, if you're a true horror fan, stop watching Bloodsucking Freaks long enough to pick up a copy of Fangoria, tear out the subscription card, mail it in, and start collecting the greatest horror magazine of all time!

(Ok.. now you can go back to watching Bloodsucking Freaks!)


This Mag Rocks!

Fangoria is a horror buff's dream. It's like finding a treasure and hitting paradise land. The pictures seem to leap off the pages and the writing is great and not lacking in any way. The writers know their subject matter well and the subject matter is covered in depth. I love the reviews of Dr. Cyclops and the way Fango gives coverage and spotlights to lesser know cult classics and forgotten gems.

Each and every issue is just jam packed with great horror content! I look forward to each and every blood soaked issue! Comparing it to other mags, you can tell others just don't hold up. They can become boring and feature the same thing time after time, while Fango delves into all aspects of the horror genre and in the process, staying fresh, not stagnant.

If I had to pick a fave article, it'd be the story on Motel Hell in issue #9, which is also one of my favorite issues and my fave movie of all time is Motel Hell, so that issue works well for me.

Tough to mention a mag that others might enjoy besides Fango. Fango is just so much better and at the top of the pack in my humble opinion.


Monsters,Movies, Mayhem

Fangoria has been my bible for years. For all the hash on horror movies, books, reviews, articles, this is the mag for you.
You will find some of the best article writings in the horror world here.
Plus even the ads are fun to look at read (plus order from).
You are kept up to date on all the good gore out there. Interviews with such greats like Tom Savini, Uncle Forry, Rice and so much more.
The pictures are the "fright"!
New releases of books are also previewed for the avid horror reader.
This is the best of horror movie guides to get, price is high, but it is more than worth it!


Primary Reason for Buying: Articles

Angel of the Night

I just love this magazine to death. (Ha! Ha!) One reason for me driving like half an hour to get this quick, is the great info., not only on movies at the theaters, but, also on video. Then of course, you have your book section that gives you a rundown on what's out there and the review of this book. Not too many people have dedicated their lives to writing about hardcore horror for us die hard horror fans. Then to top things off, they have actors and actresses discuss their careers in horror and what they are doing now. The detail they take on discussing in depth movies and their contents is awesome. And I also love, that they discuss the Japanese movies and classic monsters, like Gamera and Godzilla. But, the thing that got me in a roar, was the movie from fangoria. "Angel of The Night" was just awesome!!!! The storyline was original, it was scary as hell and it was just supreme!! I love vampire movies, that don't show t&a all the darn time. This had a plot... Keep up the good work. Please don't quit.... Other magazines, just do not compare with fangoria. This new one, I can't even remember the name, was lame. And it was lacking the luster, it was very skinny in information and it did not impress me one bit. Keep it up always!! Love ya guys,
Anna from St Marys..


Everything you need to know about Fangoria, but were afraid to ask. Essential magazine for all things horror.

Ok lovers of horror let me walk you through this must have magazine. You have your "postal zone" where horror fans can complain to the masses about remakes and sequels.
Your "Monster Invasion": for up to the minute newsbreaks and other horrible happenings.
The Dvd chopping list with literally every horror movie coming out on dvd in the months to come with a tiny synopsis to get the gist, wash that down with the fear film forecast, basically every horror movie coming to the theater in the next year or so.
Creep and crawl along to the Video eyes of Dr. Cyclops where he rates new dvd titles on a scale of 0-4 eyeballs, and gives his video of the month.
Then we have the "guts" of the magazine filled to the point of internal combustion with an in depth look at new features, on set interviews with cast and crew, and behind the scenes information. If it looks killer it gets the FANGO SEAL OF APPROVAL, my experience is if it gets that generally there flicks possibly to die for.
Now let's crawl to the DVD Dungeon where we get even more dvd reviews of notable upcoming horror releases, also with a dvd of the month selection.
Then a little bit of fango "comic screams" some horror comics Fangoria style.
The Horrorcade for you ghouls when watching carnage isn't enough and you feel you have to partake this section will help you pick out the newest and best Xbox360, Playstation 2 or 3 games etc.
Let's pay some homage to our demons of the past with the Forgotten Horror section reviewing some of our older nightmares.
What about books you ask? Well let's go to the Nightmare Library where horror books are reviewed and they also give there book of the month.
Also jumping out at you throughout are colorful, disgusting, grotesque pictures that'll have your friends and family giving you odd looks, from movie photos, and horror ads for dvds, also ads for special fx make up programs and movie making schools.
We arrive at the end of our tour through Fangoria magazine and your saying to yourself "Don't Look Now" this review was the opposite of "Misery, "May" I please "Slither", no wait I'll be on "The Fly to order this magazine. I mean if i don't I'm a "Psycho" there's only a handful of months left before It's "Halloween", so i think I'll "Mimic" Mike and I won't procrastinate and wait "28 Days Later" to order this magazine like my fellow "Freaks" it's Blood Simple" and once you do they'll need the "Jaws" of life to pry it out of your hands.


I always enjoyed going grocery shopping with my mom -- while she shopped, I hung out in the magazine section reading Mad, Cracked, and FANGORIA. Now, 25 years later -- I finally got my own subscription -- and unlike retro video games, nostalgic 80's cd's, and Members Only jackets, this is just as good as I remember.

It gives the inside scoop on the up coming major studio horror releases, the low down on independent, if not underground, extreme horror DVD's, and, as always has awesome pictures of rocking special gore effects.

Any fan of the horror genre would love this magazine. It is a great read and a lot of fun.

best horror magazine ever!

Fangoria always has and always will be the greatest horror magazine around. Terrific on the set previews of the latest films, retrospectives on classic films ,dvd reviews and always dependable for bloody photo's from your favorite movies.


Fangoria, to me, is the best magazine i ever picked up. The best magazine for the horror fans as it brings you big budget movie previews, low budget independent movie previews, interviews, reviews of the latest independent flicks, a film forecast of upcoming horror flicks, reviews for horror games and books, plus much more.

Fango has it all for the horror fan, and once you pick up a copy, you wont be able to put it down.