Reviews For Rachael Ray Every Day Magazine

Fun, glossy and very useful!

After buying the first issue of Rachael Ray's new magazine I knew I would have to subscribe after only a few pages. Those pages were not only gorgeous and glossy, but chock full of fun facts, great shopping places for food and utensils, and of course tasty recipes that you do want to make. I have collected way too many cookbooks and food magazines that stand untouched because when it really boils down to it, its all about the food and some of those books and magazines did not deliver in the end. I have since bought some great cookbooks and pay more attention to what's inside then what's on the cover.

Rachael's recipes are not pretentious, and they certainly are interesting enough to engage the reader into trying them out. I've made several of the dishes from the Lemon cream pasta, Mushroom pizza, salmon and pasta dishes, to Sangria frozen pops and some great grilled food. Rachel provides shopping lists of standard pantry ingredients and fresh produce to buy, so its easy to see what you all ready have and what few things I can pick up on my way home to make a fun meal. I love making her recipes and adding them to my repertoire, as its nice knowing you can make a certain dish and its even nicer to whip up an easy dinner or lunch using this magazine.

I also adore the fun articles you can find about restaurants, cheese diaries, wine tasting, outdoor grilling and foods for events. The magazine is really a beauty to read and has more information and entertainment than advertising. I cant stand the regular food magazine I used to get that were half full of Cat litter advertising, along with page after page of useless products screaming in my face.

I hope this magazine will continue to bloom because I absolutely adore it and I intend on keeping every issue instead of tearing out recipes like I used to. Great buy and something you can cook out of with the feeling of a mini cookbook but simpler and prettier.

the best cooking magazine out there!!!

There is SO much in each issue of Everyday with Rachael Ray! This is really the best food magazine (and so much much more!) in a long time. It's just a shame it isn't every single month :)

Love for this Mag from a non-Rachael Fan!

I admit, I have never watched more than 5 minutes of a Rachael Ray show, she is just too cute and too grating for my tastes. I wrote her off and avoided everything to do with her....Until...

One Day at the Dentist's Office I picked up the magazine and flipped through it. Woah, I loved the recipes! I loved the time saving ideas! I also loved the reviews, travels, and other contents in the magazine. Now, I am a bona fide subscriber. Maybe I just could not handle Rachael's voice but her magazine is great and fits a busy persons lifestyle. I especially adore the tear out 7 day meal plan with grocery list. It makes meal planning a snap! I do substitute many of the meat recipes with soy versions. I find the recipes are perfect for those of us who enjoy fun, tasty, slightly gourmet meals but want to keep the preparation simple & fast.

Try out an issue if you are a non-Rachael Fan. You may just like it!

30 minute meals for real

Excellent selection of recipes anyone can prepare, in just 30 minutes. No need to be out of ideas for any party or get together, just open the book to any page, and you're set and ready to go, or should I say Cook!!

Really well put together

I first saw this magazine at my dentist's office and couldn't put it down. This is definitely not Martha Stuart style. Rather it is a practical magazine that gives you great ideas for cooking and other aspects of your life. I was really impressed with the week of recipes they plan for you and the SHOPPING LISTS!! They prepare for you so that you don't have to do any extra thinking. I think this magazine can really help to organize your time better so that you want to cook more.

Full of fun and food

I have been reading this magazine for over a year now and I absolutely love it. There are always great recipes to share with friends and family also I love the wine pairing section. I do not drink wine but when I have a dinner party and use one of Rachel's recipes I know what wine to include for dinner.

The messes and successes is a fun section its great to know that you are not the only one that messes things up in the kitchen.

One section that I always read is pet friendly. My dog loves the treats and I make enough to share with my friends dogs too!

A section that is very helpful is Everyday menu planner. You can pull it out, take it to the grocery with you and plan a week worth of great meals. The recipes are easy and the food is great.

There is so much anyone can get out of Everyday with Rachel Ray, it is a great magazine. I can't wait until the next issue.

my favorite magazine

This magazine has quickly become my very favorite magazine. I read it cover to cover. Rachael Ray does things the realistic way. She is a just a normal gal and lives a busy life. Full of great easy recipes, articles about various cities and home decorating tips.

Great for young chefs!

Believe me when I tell you that I read every cooking magazine out there. My mom bought me ( a newlywed and culinary school graduate!) a subscription to this magazine for Christmas, after she found out that I had been paying retail price for it every month for the past year. If you love to cook/have been cooking for years.....or cook here and there....or hope to learn how to cook....this is the magazine for you! Rach's instructions for each recipe are given in "plain English", making it easy for the novice to follow, yet giving new, fresh ideas to the experienced cook. I have a box of recipes that I keep in permanent rotation in my house -- and each month, at least one recipe from Rachael Ray's magazine finds its way in there. One recipe I found in this past November's issue even amazed my culinary school graduate friends --- enticing them to ask for my recipe! Little did they know the dish took only 30 minutes to make! No matter your level of culinary expertise, I am sure you won't be disappointed!

Love this magazine!

I love this magazine. Although I think Rachael could do more in the dessert area, she really has some awesome recipes that inspire me to create new and healthy meals for my family!

So good!

I love Rachael and her show, her magazine is just as fun to read as she is to watch. Love it.