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Discover Magazine Subscription

The Magazine has less pages than it used to. The information in the Magazine is great and is very easy for the average person to understand. Not like other science magazines that you need to be a rocket scientist to understand.

Intresting Magazine

My husband and grandson love this magazine. It's full of innovative ideas and products.

discover overall

I like the content, but the format (flow) is not smooth. Examples would be sky and telescope and astronomy. Sorry, they just catch the eye.

Good General Science and Technology Magazine - Recommended!

We have enjoyed "Discover" magazine for several years and have found that is has improved over time. The magazine generaly provides well written and solid articles, geared for the layman. My science minded teens also enjoy it and have used some of the contents as the basis for science projects.

Discover covers a wide range of science and technology related fields, including phyiscs, bio-engineering, medical, space, energy, and more. The photos and diagrams are good and mostly useful, but can sometimes be "hit or miss".

For science and technology presented in clear format for the layman, this magazine is recommended! You might also be interested in Seed


Has many interesting articles. I have it magazine on our coffee table at work. Everyone love's them.

Great way to keep up on the go...

This is a great magazine that covers the lot of science, technology, space and everything (at least the interesting stuff) in between. You can pick it up and quickly read the shorter articles, or if you have a little more time, there are a few longer ones as well. Discover is ALWAYS interesting and worth the price.

Food for thoughts

This publication is enjoyed by myself and my family. We were surprised that it did indeed come sooner than the time stated. The value could not be beat. This title is recommend for those who love science and technology.

Reader in the NE

I've read and subscribed to Discover magazine for years and have enjoyed their timely coverage of important scientific information. It is a magazine intended for more of an overview than in depth reading-however there are some reasonably indepth materials to be found.
My major complaint with them is their very very deceptive renewal gimicks. From bogus renewal notices- they start at least 6 months before your subscription expires -to the 2 for one notices to entice to you to renew months before it is necessary. It is very easy to find a subscription price 1/2 of what you pay directly to the company- so for loyal customers you pay nearly double what can be found elsewhere on the web. Love the magazine and fed up with the gimicks. Read the magazine beware of the renewal process!

Not Mindless Enough

When I was an undergraduate, I used to get this magazine every month, and I loved it. I loved the broad range of topics from archeology to cybernetics and everything in-between. Then the other day, I picked up a copy of Discover, and I just wanted to put it down. I'm a grad student, and I read technical journals all the time, so when I pick something up for pleasure reading I want it to be mindless, and Discover is not. Many of the topics that I know about were explain in more detail than I would have expected for a lay publication. The articles are well written and each is fully explained so that anyone not in the field who reads them carefully could understand them. I think Discover is great for anyone who is not a scientist but has a broad interest in scientific advances or for undergraduates who aren't sure which field to pursue.

Quick delivery

The only thing I do not completely comfortable is too much commercial.
Issues are good. :}