Reviews For Cycle World Magazine

Great articles and the latest news

The content of CycleWorld is mostly geared toward sportbike enthusiasts, but there is also content aimed at the dirtbike and cruiser crowd. The content is decidedly slanted toward the technical side of the sport, and not toward the lifestyle. In other words, there are no pictures of "biker babes" or articles on how cool it is to do a wheelie down the freeway.

Every month, you get informative how-to articles on everything from maintenance to riding techniques. The CycleWorld staff likes to do lots of comparisons of various bikes, and there is at least one comparison article in every issue. Some of the comparisons are straight evaluations of the latest bikes in some class, such as 600cc sportbikes. Others are more eclectic, and compare bikes from 20 years ago to current bikes.

The articles are always very well written and edited, and the magazine comes across as very professional. Many of the feature articles cover interesting topics from around the world, such as sidecar racing in Europe.

There is quite a bit of racing coverage, although it's from the perspective of interesting features rather than trying to give the latest updates on racing results or standings. They do a lot of profiles of various racers, which are always interesting.

I find the most interesting coverage to be that of the latest European sportbikes, such as Ducati, MV Agusta, Aprilla, and the like. These are interesting bikes that we don't see much of in the U.S. They do great features on the most exotic bikes, and you can't help but yearn for one after reading one of the articles.

CycleWorld also has very timely coverage of the latest from all of the major manufacturers, including advance spy photos and speculation on what the manufacturers are planning for the upcoming model year. When it comes to model year coverage, they include the full line from all of the manufacturers, not just sportbikes.

Overall, my opinion is that CycleWorld is geared heavily toward those who are interested in everything to do with sportbikes, particularly from the technical perspective. It's not aimed for the cruiser crowd, or the dirt bike crowd, although there is limited coverage of these types of bikes. The coverage of the most exotic bikes from around the world is top-notch, as well as the coverage of the latest manufacturer news. The feature articles are always interesting, and this is a magazine that I consistently read from cover-to-cover every month. If you like sportbikes, you can't go wrong with a subscription to CycleWorld.


Primary Reason for Buying: Articles

Still the best motorcycle magazine

You can say all you want about Cycle World catering to its advertisers, writing too much about sport bikes, writing too much about old bikes, writing too much about cruisers, etc., but the fact remains: This is the best motorcycle magazine you can buy.
Cycle World is well-thought-out, well planned, and well written. If they are catering to their advertisers, they are doing a fine job of disguising it.
Peter Egan deserves special mention. As in his columns in Road and Track, his Cycle World columns should be renamed, "Peter Egan buys stuff." Egan gives the appearance of buying a car and bike every month, fixing them up, and then getting bored and selling them, so he can buy something else. There is no other writer anywhere who is doing what he does. I would buy Cycle World just for his columns.
Columnists David Edwards and Kevin Cameron are not far behind. Both are excellent, real-world writers. The other motorcycle magazines lack even one great writer; Cycle World has three.
But take away these three fine writers, and Cycle World is still the best motorcycle magazine on the market. They have a plan: interesting articles, real-world experiences, and good execution.
They could be better. I cannot rely on Cycle World for advice on which jackets or gloves or saddlebags to buy. They do a good job of reporting on new bikes and old bikes, but they don't report much on affordable, used bikes. I guess they rely on Egan to take care of that part.
Bottom line: If you can buy only one motorcycle magazine (and at current subscription prices, you really can afford to buy all of them), Cycle World is the best. No contest.


Primary Reason for Buying: Articles

Almost as cool as riding 150 mph...but not quite!

If you are sitting at work and wish you could be out riding and just can't (cause you have to work to make the bike payments, of course!), then you may want to check out Cycle World. There are beautiful pictures that will just give you that warm and fuzzy feeling as you look at them, but please, don't go nuts and quit your job just so you can go riding!

Seriously, though, the articles are very good...if you are looking to buy a bike, or if you want accessories for your bike, or if you just want to know more about how it stacks up against other bikes of its type, you will find valuable information in this magazine. I used Cycle World as well as Sport Rider magazine to help influence me to buy the Yamaha R6 instead of the Honda CBR F4...I looked at all the stats and everyone's opinions about both bikes and made my decision.

The other thing that this magazine is useful for is the pictures (I only read it for the articles, of course!)...This helped influence my decision because of the cool factor of the R6 - gotta have a bike that looks sweet going through the turns, ya know!


Recommended For: Hobbyists/Enthusiasts
Primary Reason for Buying: Product reviews/information

15+ year subscriber

My passion for maotorcycles goes back to the early 70's. My Motorcycle Magazine collection does too. Many mags come and go, but my favorite monthly is without a doubt, Cycle World. The columns are usually informative and at times moving, the reviews are the best I have found in any bike mag. While there is a heavy ad side to the magazine that somewhat takes away from the overall rating, the core content simply makes this disappear. The Photos are always spot-on and the editorial interaction is robust. Longtime names like Edwards and other give the mag a stability and familiarity not found in most other bike mags.


Recommended For: Anyone
Primary Reason for Buying: Product Reviews/Information

My favorite

Whether you're looking for a new bike, want to find aftermarket parts, or need technical information, Cycle World has what you need. Kevin Cameron's TDC column is a must read for the technically inclined. He does a fabulous job of describing the intricate details of machinery, as well as sharing with the reader some of his trying but rewarding experiences. The motorcycle reviews lay out the facts well, but do it with a bit of personality. The product reviews are very insightful, and you'll probably end up knowing if a particular item is what you're looking for after reading them. They do a good job of covering the different types of motorcycles available, and stay realistic about the good and bad points of specific machines. Their coverage of the racing scene is top notch, as well. If you like anything on two wheels with an engine, you'll probably like this magazine.


Recommended For: Anyone
Primary Reason for Buying: Product reviews/information

The best all-purpose motorcycle mag.

I've been reading Cycle World since 1977 and it's by far the best all-round motorcycle mag you can get. It covers every aspect of motorcycling, including sport bikes, dirt bikes, standards, cruisers, racing articles, top-notch technical articles by experts like Kevin Cameron, wonderful features and articles by Peter Egan (America's most beloved moto-journalist), op-ed pages, etc. It covers British, Italian, American, Japanese and German bikes alike, with detailed performance and technical data. Even the advertising is good. It's a fun read, from front to back. Cycle World is a high quality magazine, just like its sister publication for car lovers, Road & Track.


I've been a suscriber of this magazine for about 15 years and find it the most well rounded writings of the motorcycle offerings in the US.
If you are looking for a broad interest in motorcycle coverage this is it. For the price to content ratio this magazine remains a constant in my readings. I currently read about 4 brands a month and Cycle World is the first one I pick up.
Good Reading!!

Balanced Bike Mag

Great mag for everyone except Harley zombies. This and The Horse are my favorite reads.

A Good M/C Mag....

,,,at least according to my ol' mad. He reads it every month(then I read be able to talk to the guy!) SO I got him a subscription for Christmas, since his ran out. He really likes his M/C mags. Keeps them filed in the bathroom. We met,27 years ago at a M/C political Action Meeting, and we are still riding together today. Will be till we are in our graves I am sure.

Can't Curb Your Enthusiasm? Read Cycle World!

Motorcycle enthusiasts are a unique breed and the main quality that sets them apart from the rest of civilization is their unyielding enthusiasm for their chosen sport/hobby. They often become consumed with biking and, like golf fanatics and others, they view every spare moment as an excuse to partake in their chosen activity.

Cycle World is a magazine designed with the motorcycle enthusiast in mind. This publication is made for the type of biker who not only likes to ride his cycle, but also liked to learn as much about motorcycles as possible. There are, of course, plenty of articles in each issue of Cycle World that talk about the joys of riding and the sport of motorcycle racing. But Cycle World includes other articles, too- articles that only the well- rounded motorcycle fan will be likely to read and appreciate. Some articles focus on new technology. Others dispense advice on motorcycle repair. There are also travel articles and personality profiles as well, making for a nicely rounded publication.

I'm not a motorcycle enthusiast or even a casual fan, but I still like certain sections of Cycle World and I try to read a few of them every month. My favorite sections of Cycle World are those that feature new products. Cycle World is among the first publications to report on new motorcycles and other related products and the magazine includes plenty of great photos, test data, and various statistics. In a matter of minutes, one can quickly learn the pros and cons of a specific motorcycle and more easily make a buying decision. Even though I am not a fan, I still like these articles because, like articles on new cars, they often include some very cool new product offerings that can easily impress anyone- even a nonfan like me.

Motorcycles are loved by their many enthusiastic fans and Cycle World is a magazine intended for those who want a well- rounded publication about motorcycles, their upkeep, and their use for entertainment. Most of the pages in each issue are dedicated to the different motorcycles produced by different manufacturers, but there is plenty other information to be found in this magazine about motorcycles and Cycle World makes a good choice for those who want to know how to ride, repair, and enjoy their hobby as much as possible.