Reviews For Crafts 'N Things Magazine

One of the Best

Crafts 'n Things is one of the easiest craft magazines to read and use. The directions are so easy to read and follow. And there are always great pictures to go with the directions.
Even if you aren't into crafts, this magazine would be an easy on to read and use.
Crafts 'n Things is always packed full of craft ideas. And it's not just one type of craft, it's several. It's a great way to learn a new craft. Or to refresh an old one.
So if you are looking for a easy to use craft magazine, the Crafts 'n Things is the one for you.


Get crafting!

I really like this magazine. It has a great variety of projects - at different levels of expertise - and the directions are clear and easy to follow . I especially like that the patterns are full size and are done so that you can either cut them out or copy them with out disturbing the instructions. Each issue has a Christmas project - so you can get a jump on the holidays if you wish. I work at a library and this issue just flies out the door - even the older issues - I really think any one that does crafts at all will enjoy this magazine.


Primary Reason for Buying: Articles

So much fun, so little time

I loved the color coded options for the different types of crafts and that some require purchases but many used things you already had at home and included recycling.

Easy crafting

I've recently developed an interest in crafts but wasn't sure where to start. So I checked out some old issues of Crafts 'n Things from the library.

I'm a novice when it comes to crafts so it's important that projects are outlined in an easy to follow format with great photographs illustrating what the finished product will look like. I was not disappointed with Crafts 'n Things.

The projects are outlined with a list of required items to gather before a person begins and simple step by step instructions. They are even labelled according to skill level such as beginner, intermediate, sewing experience, etc. This makes it simple to choose which projects to make.

I really like the variety of projects presented. No matter what a person's interest or skill level, there is something for everyone. Painting, sewing, embroidery, plastic canvas, fabrics, clay, knitting, fabric paint and many other miscellaneous projects. For the first time, I was not intimidated and could actually envision myself making many of the items.

I also enjoyed a section in the front of the magazine entitled The Meeting Place where readers send in letters and photographs of their projects made from past issues. It's interesting to see them and also provides some inspiration.

In the center of the magazine is a pull-out patterns section. The pages are set up so that a person can cut the patterns directly from the sheets instead of tracing them onto something else.

There are advertisements but they are presented in a way that they don't distract from the main features.

Towards the back of the magazine is the Classifieds section for various things. After that is Crafting 101, a one page tutorial for basic tips and techniques for all kinds of crafts. Stitches 'n Stuff has a list of resources, companies and a basic stitch pictorial.

I recommend this craft magazine to both beginner and experienced crafters alike!


Crafts N Things Takes On Too Much

Amos Publishing recently purchased Rubber Stamper Magazine, and includes an expanded section of rubber stamping in their existing Crafts `N Things Magazine. Despite the wonderful rubber stamping pages included within February's issue, if you are looking specifically for rubber stamping techniques and ideas, Crafts `N Things is not best place to look. While the cover claims that there are over seventy five rubber stamping ideas within the magazine, the other half of the magazine covers knitting, crocheting, and other crafts.

The magazine is beautiful with fun projects, but the projects covered are too diverse. Even though Rubber Stampers are crafters, they are not always crocheters or knitters. I found only half of the magazine useful for my needs, and would prefer a magazine that covered more specifically the craft that I am interested in.