Reviews For Car & Driver Magazine

This Magazine needs a name change!

I've been reading C&D for a few years now, and while occasionally I'll find something that actually makes me want to finish the entire thing, most of the time its just slamming everything thats not a BMW. The manufacturer bias is so overwhelming that I dont really feel the need to continue reading this. but on the bright side, at least the writers over at 3SM (3 series monthly) are up front about their bias. They even go as far as saying, "even though the other car was better, we placed the BMW ahead of it, I know the other car scored better in every category and was 10k cheaper, but it cant win if its not a Bimmer hahaha!" Obviously thats not an actual quote, but its not far off from some ive read. You would think for a Michigan based mag, they might be a less stuck on the teat of a German car.