Reviews For Car Craft Magazine

What's That Metal Thingie With All The Wires Called Again?

I have to admit, until recently that was the only way I knew to ask a question about a car part. This is not because I am an idiot but because I just had never been taught anything about cars.

My boyfriend is a gear head. He has been a gear head since he was a small child. Almost all of his friends are also gear heads. This is where my problem started.

We would go over to a friend's house and they would start talking cars. I was lost! Cams, manifolds and blowers, Oh My! I had no idea what they were talking about. I politely sat back and let them exert their testosterone and brag about how big their equipment was and how it could blow each others away.

My boyfriend noticed my confusion and helped me to do something about it. Yes, he tried verbally teaching me things but what helped me the most was starting to read his car magazines. One of the best was Car Craft.

When I started I couldn't tell the difference between a carburator and pistons. Now I can at least recognize most car parts and even tell you what some of them do. This is a big improvement for me considering where I started!

I like the fact that this magazine doesn't just concentrate on high dollar racing cars but has some great articles on "Tom, Dick and Harry" the Chevy guys working on a run down, old Chevelle to make it run even better than it used to. I also love their monthly polls and letters as well as answers to technical questions stated simple enough for beginners like myself to understand.

I've always liked classic cars, especially Mustangs, but was never able to tell anything more about them than what they looked like until I was introduced to this magazine. Because of this new interest we are looking into buying a running, but needs a whole lot of work, Mustang from one of my neighbors and I will help him to fix it up for me. We are going to take the old 283 out of it and drop in a 302. I'm actually excited about this!

I would recommend this magazine for any gear head wanting to find informative writings and answers to everyday questions as well as people like myself wanting to learn.


Recommended For: Hobbyists/Enthusiasts
Primary Reason for Buying: Articles