Reviews For Scout Life Magazine

If there was an option for zero stars this would earn it!

This magazine is inundated with advertising. The few articles that do exist are saturated with trend ideals and sparcely include the moral values that the Boy Scout organization is said to imply. I am disappointed that the BS organization is willing to be associated with such junk, and supports yet another venue for exploiting funds from its particpants.


Back in the 1980's, yours truly was a husky lad, squeezing himself into his trusty Scout uniform. Want to keep up on the latest in Scouting? Well, read Boys' Life! It had some fine features on Scouting, and some really awful, not even close to funny cartoons featuring "Pedro" the burro, and "Dink and Duff". Dad bought me a subscription, and I thought it was quite lame. Fast forward to 2004: What is keeping this magazine alive? It is so anemic, so fluffy. I guess the dumbing down started by "Maxim" has even affected a G-rated kids' magazine. It still has "Pedro" and "Dink and Duff", but not much else. It was awful then, and even worse now. Were kids ever innocent enough to enjoy this?