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Birds & Blooms

Birds & Blooms magazine celebrates the joys of attracting birds and tending to beautiful backyard flower gardens. Find vivid color photos, reader stories and do-it-yourself projects in each issue of Birds & Blooms magazine.

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Customer Reviews

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    Birds & Blooms, Truth without Advertising

    Getting Birds And Blooms is like having a garden tour in your mailbox! Each issue is filled with pictures of real gardens, maintained by real people, not paid professionals. There is NO ADVERTISING in this magazine, just beautiful color pictures of... yes, Birds... and Blooms. When I sit down with this magazine, I feel like I'm strolling though a neighbors prize garden, oooing and ahhing over their precious plants and artful arrangements. Most issues have a section of pictures of birdfeeders and birdhouses, sent in by readers. The creativity that goes into some of these is just amazing. Bird and Blooms is a very reader oriented magazine. They have...

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    Be Visually Amazed!

    There is only word to describe this magazine "Beautiful". This magazine is filled with the most breathtaking and stunning photographs of birds I have ever seen.

    This magazine is a visual tour of people all across the country and there gardens that attract birds and butterflies. Some people in the country have the most gorgeous gardens and I am so jealous of them just from looking at this magazine. I have cut out pictures of my dream gardens to attract birds and butterflies. There is also a letter from the readers section where subscribers write in to talk about there bird stories and rare bird sightings. There are also pictures from all...

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    Birds! Blooms! Oh My

    "Birds and Bloom", the biggest little magazine around.I have subscribed to Birds and Blooms for several years now and let me say it is one great magazine, and one I will not give up.

    The magazine is not only about birds and flowers but pertains to almost anything in the yard, butterflies, squirrels and even raccoons at times.
    Every issue you are given a tour of a garden that is grown by the common everyday person such as you and me, One issue you may see Alabama, and the next issue Kansas or Michigan. It is interesting to know how the garden may have started with just a couple of plants and how it has been developed over time. Many...

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