Reviews For Bird Talk Magazine

great for beginners, great for old feather fingers !

Bird Talk magazine is great for both the new bird owner and the experienced owner.

It is great for the new owner due to the superior articles dealing with nutrition, environment, behavior, grooming and much more.

It is great for the experienced bird owner because this magazine has a tendency to repeat the basics of bird care over and over, issue after issue which keeps us experienced keepers in touch with the core issues of birdkeeping.

This magazine in not for the advanced bird keeper who is breeding, handfeeding and dealing with genetics. There is a difference between an experienced bird keeper and an advanced bird keeper. Experienced keepers take excellent care and are dedicated to bird keeping. Advanced bird keepers usually breed their birds, handfeed the chicks and have at least good if not excellent knowledge of genetics.

Bird Talk was my fist bird care magazine years ago and it answered many questions and was directly responsible for my birds not being injured or made ill by this magazine's excellent advice and factual writing.

The repitition of basic bird care can be a bit boring but this is good as the new bird keeper needs this information and it keeps the experienced keeper in line.

Each month a different species is profiled. Each month new products are profiled and discussed. Bird Talk takes it's responsibility as an educator seriously as only board certified avian vets. write about bird medical issues and answer write in questions regarding health and illness.

This magazine is a tried and true bird care publication. You will not be led astray or given false or poorly researched information.

I recommend this magazine to everyone who keeps birds as pets, especially new bird owners.


A must have for any bird owner.

A wonderful magazine full of helpful information for any bird owner. This magazine is full of information regardless of the type of bird you own and even more important for someone thinking of getting a bird. The magazine will guide you through the many different species of bird as well as many articles written by bird experts all over the world. The magazine discusses birds from the very small and most frequently found pet birds such as parakeet and finches to some of the most exotic birds in the world. Special articles depicting different breeds of birds are in each month. Tips from how to choose the correct bird for your family to training, breeding as well as health care for your birds can be found in this colorful and graphic magazine.


For My Boys

I've always dreamed of having a bird. In 1999 my husband and I decided to research the different types of birds. I bought the Bird Talk issue that discussed a wide variety of birds and gave tons of great information on each. Bird Talk is a great research tool and very entertaining. We chose two male eclectus, Arliss and Dexter. If it wasn't for Bird Talk we may never have known about these fabulous birds. A few months ago I found out that my neighbor has an african grey who has no feathers. Come to find out, they bought it on a whim and where not taking proper care of him. I dug through all of my past issues of Bird Talk and found every issue about greys and feather picking etc. and gave them to my neighbor.... I recently saw the grey and he almost has all of his feathers back. Information is the key. I look forward each month to my new issue of Bird Talk. There is no other bird magazine like it!!!


A Terrific Magazine for Bird Owners and Lovers!

An interesting magazine and helpful as well. Great for anyone who owns or just plain loves birds! I was once in a store and, since I love animals, sat down and read some of the Bird Talk magazine. I liked it so much that I bought it and when I got home got a subscription to it. This magazine is the best magazine that you can get that gives advice and facts about different species, accessories, and almost anything you can think of. In the back you can send in cute pictures of your birds and the magazine is fun and interesting. When I got my cockatiel, I read an article explaining the history, care, and behavior of cockatiels. I would have never gotten through my years with my bird without the magazine and that article (June 2000 issue, Cockatiels) to help me. This magazine is helpful for all species and may even teach you about a bird you've never heard of. There really are no similar magazines and none that are good enough for competition. Bird Talk is the best magazine of it's kind.


Comprehensive Articles on Birds

Bird Talk is an excellent periodical on bird behavior and maintenance. I have learned several techniques that have worked wonders with my own parrot, an african grey parrot. The articles are written by aviculturalists that have been in the field for many years and have extensive knowledge on many species of birds. If you have a bird or thinking about getting a bird, you should really look into this magazine. There are very few magazines that can compare to Bird Talk. There is a little too much advertisement in the magazine, but you may be interested in buying supplies for your parrot or you may need to find a breeder in your area


Bird Talk is the best!

If you are owned by pet birds, Bird Talk is a must!
Bird Talk is a very informative guide to pet birds, for owners, and soon to be owners. Bird Talk has very articles written by the professionals for the pet bird lover. Bird Talk also rates toys, cages, food, and just about anything concerning pet birds. I love to see the photos every month sent in by readers, as well as the birds in the articles. There is always a show calander show you know whats going on, and where. And dealers are abundant in Bird Talk. From local breaders,to cage and seed makers. The best part is if you attend a show, Bird Talk will be there, and even better, you can get a two year supscription for the price of one at the shows. So if your looking for bird related information, Bird Talk is the best.


Something for everyone

I have been a faithful subscriber to Bird Talk for several years, and never fail to find useful information in each issue. Everyone from a first time bird owner to experienced keepers and breeders can find something interesting. I often give my old issues to friends that have just started keeping birds. They often feature a particular species each month. This is a great aid to someone considering getting a bird, but not sure what is right for them or their family. Bird Safety is also featured monthly and repeated often. Harmful household products and poisonous house plants are just some of the things bird owners are alerted to. Bird Talk is a great combination of beautiful photography, some of it contributed by readers, and detailed information about topics such as breeding, health care and new bird products. I would highly recommend this magazine to novice and expert alike.


The Best Bird Magazine

If you have birds or even if you want to have birds, you should pick up a copy of Bird Talk. There are many magazines devoted to pet birds but Birds Talk is by far the easiest to read. That's how I judge a magazine.
When I read a magazine I do not want to be buried in jargon and terms that the authors use to make themselves sound knowledgeable. I want entertaining articles that also educate me.

Bird Talk does this quite well. They seem to be very good at toeing the line between talking over beginner's heads and talking below the standards that an expierenced bird person likes. Their articles are knowledgeable and easy to read. The ads are not overpowering like in some magazines and the authors really seem to care about birds. The photography is well done and printed so the pictures are nice and sharp and clear.

Of course the best part is the last page where they print pictures of reader's birds. The pictures will make you wonder why your bird isn't cuter.


Bird Talk magazine

I would really suggest anyone that owns birds to get this magazine. It gives alot of information on all types of birds. It has been really helpful to me on lots of occasions. There are also alot of ads in there for bird supplies that is helpful. Plus breeders seperated by states & when there are bird shows. I would highly recommend this magazine to anyone getting a bird or anyone that already has a bird! This is a Great magazine for young and old. Even if you have had birds for a long time I think you would still learn something from Bird Talk. I would be lost without my copy every month. It is a good price too so you can't go wrong.


For The Birds....Ummm, Make That For the Bird Owners

Bird Talk magazine has been a favorite of mine for over 15 years now. I have been a regular subscriber since I first became interest in parrots. My goal was to learn everything I could about parrots in general and different species to find out what species would be best suited for me and our household. Bird Talk is an informative publication.

The Cover and Magazine Feature Article

The cover each month is devoted to a parrot species that is generally the topic for the featured article each month. The photographs on the cover each month are beautiful color photographs that will catch your eye and attention.

What's Inside?

Bird Talk covers a range of topics for bird owners. Not only will you find information and articles on different species of parrots but also proper nutrition and other advice on how to care for them. Bird Talk covers topics on both hookbills (parrots) and softbills (finches and canaries). Usually there are about 8 featured articles each month.

Each month Bird Talk also has articles by regular columnists who are well known in the bird community. They will each write on a topic of their expertise each month. These features range from food toxicities, household hazards to avian viruses.

There are also features by avian behaviorists who help with problem behaviors in parrots such as biting, screeching and feather plucking to name a few.

Bird Talk has a "Show Calendar" each month which lists all of the bird shows around the country. You will also find a "Bird Fair" column each month that lists the upcoming Bird Fairs. This is a sale, swap, trade event that draws many breeders as well as hobbyist who just want a tame pet.

The Avian Marketplace is located in the back of the magazine and lists classified display ads. The next section is the Avian Directory and lists avian classifieds by state. This makes finding birds much easier than reading through one big listing which would cover several pages.

Bird Talk closes with two pages dedicated to pictures sent in by the public. The first page is Kids Talk Back and contains original "bird" artwork by kids. The next page Watch The Birdie is dedicated to those candid (Kodak) moments where you capture your bird in those unique situations.


I have to mention the photographs in this magazine. They are gorgeous color shots of not only the more common parrots and softbills you see on a regular basis but frequently there will be articles on endangered species. The photographs are one of my favorite things about this magazine.

Classified Advertising

You will find a lot of classified advertising throughout this magazine. This is one magazine that doesn't have to worry about advertising revenue. There are ads on just about every page except some feature article pages. The ads do get repetitive because it is the same advertisers each month but I overlook this negative aspect because the good outweighs the bad.

Final Thoughts

Bird Talk is a great magazine for first time bird owners and also the more experienced. You will stay up to date with research on avian diseases, new products, endangered species, and other personal experiences sent in by the public. 5 stars!

? 2004 Birdfeather