Reviews For Bicycling Magazine

Nice gift for a friend, motivating articles, nutrition tips, gear guides, reviews, exercises.

Got this for a friend for his birthday, he is a recreational cyclist, mountain and road, and loved it. A nice way to be remembered all year long, keeps you motivated, and helpful reviews of all the products out there. Ended up getting one for myself he raved about it so much. Got it cheap too.

What to read when you're between bike rides...

Bicycling is simply put a great magazine. Whether you love to race bikes or you commute to work on your bike or run errands on your bike or just pedal around the neighborhood, Bicycling has something for you. It's well rounded with its coverage. Being a somewhat casual rider, I wasn't really interesting in bicycling racing but since I became a subscriber, I'm finding myself following the various races. And on top of having a terrific magazine, Bicycling has a top notch website with loads of bike info. For the bike enthusiast, this is definitely a worthwhile subscription.

Great Mag!!!

Bicycling is always a great mag for anybody interested in cycling be it competitive or otherwise. Great deal as compared to paying for of the stand price.

New Roadie?

Good magazine for riders of all levels, though it is tailored a little bit to the more experienced. However, most all articles I have read so far have been written so that a new biker like me can understand everything. I am looking forward to using a lot of the tips, ideas, and plans presented to make myself a better cyclist.

THE magazine for anyone interested in cycling

Anybody with more than a passing interest in cycling should read this magazine. I had a subscription for a number of years and always found useful tidbits. The beginning cyclist will find tons of useful info ranging from riding techniques to bike repair tips to bike selection pointers. More advanced cyclists will use it to keep up with the latest in bike technology and find out what's happening in the cycling world.

A good magazine

Sure the magazine has Ads and shows off product, but it also talks about how to be a better rider, the best places to "hang ten" skills, nutrition, maintenance, fitness, buying as well as Q and A sections.

In the July 2002 issue in the AskTheFitness Chick section they had great advise on how to lose more weight successfully riding a bike. Like ride 4 times per week- 3 short rides of 60 minutes and one 2+ hour one. And do hills and don't let up on the speed, as well as get off the pavement which makes riding easy. Off road riding burns more calories because there is more rolling resistance because you body has to work harder with the varied terrain. And eat more before and less after a ride. Eating a big healthy breakfast gives you the fuel.

I love this magazine

This magazine is a wonderful resource for beginner and avid cyclists. It is well written and witty, and it contains the latest news in training, gear, nutrition, etc... All you need to know to be the best cyclist you can be.

Useful for All Cyclists

Rarely does a sports magazine hit all levels of expertise and interest capably. "Bicycling" does this well. As a long-time local century and touring rider, I've found this magazine helpful to me in my own biking adventures.

Are you the next Lance Armstrong? Or maybe you ARE Lance Armstrong? Learn about the newest high-end bike toys.

Are you a beginning century rider? Learn about fixing your bike on the fly.

Are you a casual rider, looking to learn about getting it better shape through longer rides? Read fitness plans geared for bikers.

Read about diets. Equipment. Which jersey is the better one. How about the various kinds of touring brakes. They got those covered too.

Really... amateurs will understand the lingo, the pros will still be challenged. And everyone can read about the Tour de France.

I fully recommend "Bicycling."

Anthony Trendl

Greatest Bicycle Magazine!

My husband loves bicycles, and he feels that this is the best magazine he can find on the subject!

A good read

Magazine has training tips, new product reviews and food recipes. I will renew again.