Reviews For Bead & Button Magazine

Great for Seed Beaders, but Average for all other Beaders...

I think this magazine is Great for Seed Beaders, at least I see this as the primary focus of this magazine. Although, I do think it's good for all other beaders, the ones who likes to use all sorts of beading materials. They have good instructions and I ocassionally find some really cool inspirational pieces in this magazine. I have stopped my subscription only because there are so many other magazines that focus on different types of beading and not just one primary method.

Not for me

I stopped my subscription to Bead and Button because over the years it seemed to gravitate more and more to beading as a means for personal adornment. Each issue was awash in how to bead necklaces, bracelets, pendants, etc. as opposed to beading for visual art sake. I am very interested in Native beading as well as "bead paintings, " beading on cloth or canvas, and artists such as Mimi Holmes, Joyce Scott, Ken Tisa, etc. While Bead and Button has had some great articles in the past, they seemed to become fewer and fewer over the recent years making a subscription, at least for one not particularly interested in jewelry, not worth the cost.