Reviews For Bassmaster Magazine

The one true necessity for every tackle box...

I have always been an advid fisherman, but i could not belive what a sheltered life I had led till I got my first issue of "Bassmaster". There was so much information and tips I could not get enough.
I can always count on Bassmaster to keep me informed of all the new and innovated products in the world of fishing.
The magazine is directed primarily toward Bass fishing. There are great articles on fishing in various weather and regional locations.
The article on structure fishing in the "feb. 2000" issue was a very informative article for my type of fishing area. There are great points on what type of structure to look for.
Each issue contains an "astro table", which brakes down the cycle of the lunar period and feeding periods of fish. This is a great tool to plan trips and usually end with good catches.
The cost is very reasonable considering all the cool member benefits and free gifts, and great advice.


The Best fishing info for novice to pro

I have been an avid fisherman since I was old enough to hold a rod, or even a bamboo pole, around 39 years. I have been a loyal subscriber to BASSMASTER magazine fro over twenty-five years. Every issue features tactics and techniques, used in every region in the U.S. at one time or another, even remote areas around the globe. Of the many regular features in BASSMASTER's one of my favorites is the weekend anglar, a section devoted to letting other readers give tips and hints from making homemade bobbers, to constructing a functional live well for a fraction of the cost of a new one. I can honestly say that I have never read an issue of BASSMASTER that I was not confident I was a better fisherman having the opportunity to enjoy such a quality magazine, designed especially for fishermen, and fisher Ladies. I do not ever intend to allow my subscription to BASSMASTER magizine to be dicontinued.



I ordered this for my son who is an avid bass fisherman.The only complaint I had was they sent the subscription to me and not ot my son. Hopefully we have that rectified now.

Become a Better Fisherman

Wow!!!!! what else can i say this magazine has it all. I absolutly love this magazine. It has tons of tips, secrets, top spots, best lures, it has it all. This magazine has insite from the top fisherman, telling you where and when to fish. Best times to fish, when the wish will be biting and when they wont. But most of all its teaching you how to catch bass! The most exciting fish to catch. The magazine is full of everything.

TOP LURES~ Bassmaster is constantly telling you what are good and bad lures to use, well not so much the bad, but the good. The information they tell you is pricless. Most importantly the dont only tell you what lures are good, they tell when to use what lures for the best results.

FISHING AREAS~ They have tons of information on fishing areas, telling you the hot spots, and where the big bass are. They also help you out with hotel accomidations, and lodging and camping. They help you get where you want to go.

ADDITIONAL INFO~ They have all kinds of info on everything, from making your own bass pond to taking care of your bass boat. The tips and info they give you are top notch they really work. I have been fishing all my life ever since my dad first took me. I started reading bassmaster about 4 years ago and ever since then i have only gotten better, and my dad loves going fishing with me now because i take him where the fish are. This magazine in my eyes could not be any more awsome. This is a definite buy for a serious bass fisherman!


Reeling in a Record - Setting Catch

Bassmaster is a magazine about fishing and it likes to boast that it is the "Worldwide Authority on Bass Fishing". This magazine divides its focus among different areas, like finding/fishing for bass, buying the best equipment, and keeping pace with the different sporting tournaments that focus on bass fishing.

I spend very little time participating in outdoor sports but I have been known to cast a reel over an expanse of water on an infrequent occasion. With Bassmaster, consumers like me can quickly get the information needed to find places to fish for bass. There is also plenty of tips and advice from Bassmaster magazine and from fishing professionals. They clue you in on the right environment and weather conditions for bass fishing, the best equipment to use, and the most effective lure to improve your chances for landing that prized catch.

Bassmaster is like other sporting magazines in many ways, but it differs a little from other fishing magazines, mainly in its coverage of the sport of bass fishing. Part of the reason for the emphasis on sports is Bassmaster's affiliation with sports authority ESPN. ESPN is the main reason the sporting aspect gets the amount of coverage in Bassmaster that it does and it helps make the magazine that much better to read.

Bassmaster is loaded with different departments and among all the magazines I read each month, Bassmaster probably has more departments than any other publication of similar length. The departments are short- usually covering only one page each- but they offer some of the magazine's best and easiest to read material. Departments like "Ask the Experts", "Bass Basics", and others are good for finding some quick information on fishing and how to make it more enjoyable and more successful. I like the Destinations section, too, because it offers some information on lakes and rivers that would make good choices for vacationing as well as fishing.

I don't fish very often and I'm not someone that would be classified as an outdoorsman, but I still like Bassmaster magazine. It offers some good writing and compelling articles about bass fishing, both as a casual hobby and as a competitive sport. If someone like me- a person who doesn't even fish very much- can find reasons to enjoy reading a magazine like Bassmaster, just think of how much a true fan of this activity will like this publication. It's one of the better fishing magazines and it makes a good choice of gift for a dedicated fisherman; offering plenty of good reading each month all for a low subscription cost.

no arrival after 8 weeks

Disappointed this mag hasnt arrived after 8 weeks! It was mean to be a gift in May, but now fishing season is 1/2 over, so it kinda stinks that the mag hasnt shown up yet

Bassmaster magazine

Bassmaster is a magazine by B.A.S.S. ,the largest bass tournament fishing organization in the world. Many local fishing tournament clubs around the country are affiliated to B.A.S.S. and becoming a member of B.A.S.S. is required. The magazine comes to members as a result of membership.
Needless to say Bassmasters goal is to support and encourage organized bass fishing clubs and tournaments. It glorifies many professional bass fisherman and the B.A.S.S. national pro fishing tour.

There are many helpful articles on the pro's tactic's and strategies as well as the lures used. They do a good job of covering many lakes in the South, Southeast, Midwest and , East. The Western United States is fairly well neglected by the magazine, even though all B.A.S.S. affiliated clubs are required to pay their dues to B.A.S.S.

Please do not think this bad criticism, it is a good magazine, but not a good value or useful tool in the Western United States. They really should consider branching off magazines directed at different area's of the country.


Bassmaster used to be lots better

When Bassmaster first came out back in the early seventies it was more lure oriented and less contests between "Pros." Now days the "pros" are only the dudes with a few sponsors and the cash for playing with a big boat. Gone are the skills necessary to enjoy the sport like How to make the morning coffee before the first cast of the day. The How Too articles are few and it is mostly about egos of the young guys catching bank runners. Guys like Bill Dance, Roland Martin, Jimmy Houston and Uncle Homer are not featured or have their knowledge shared in its pages. I subscribed after finding other better things to occupy my time but now that I have more time sitting on the dock, I was hoping to find it more entertaining. It isn't but it is all that is out there.