Reviews For Arthur Frommers Budget Travel Magazine

A dangerous magazine to have around...

If you love to travel, watch out. This magazine is so glorious, you may not want to subscribe to it. There is a section in each listing the 40 best deals in vacations. This section is so cruel, so mouthwatering... For example, back in March they listed a company offering a [very low] rate [...] toIreland. That's including RT airfare from JFK, rental car for 5 days, and 5 vouchers for B&B's around Ireland! How is that possible?! See what I mean? You may find it difficult to subscribe to this magazine without some money set aside for traveling.

The rest of the magazine is great, too. It typically highlights one place in each issue that is one of the "cheapest places on Earth." In one issue I remember they chose Grenada, Spain. Ghana is forthcoming. I think they also did a city in Texas not too long ago (sorry I can't remember exactly, but they do list US cities as well).

It also has a lot of articles on US travel. In the last issue, they had "Super Affordable Road Trips," "20 Secret Bargains of San Francisco" and "40 Low-Cost Family Summer Camps." That was just for starters.

As you can tell, the magazine's focus is "real vacations for real people." It is packed with affordable travel ideas. If you have a travel fund and plenty of vacation time, get this magazine immediately. Otherwise, you may want to think twice before torturing yourself.

For every traveler

I just renewed my subscription to Budget Travel for two years.I have discovered a whole new world of affordable destinations.The articles give you the information you really need like the names of all the restaurants,hotels and transportation companies and the prices of everything.I also have appreciated the articles about places that most tourists aren't familiar with such as Flagler Beach FL.If you love to travel this magazine is a must!

Great Magazine for Parents Who Need to Travel with Kids

We have a fairly large family by today's standards- six of us total. This magazine is great for budget travel tips if you are still trying to travel but need to watch your spending. It gives tips on the best time to buy tickets, when to visit certain destinations etc... We love it! You shouldn't have to stop travelling just because you have a lot of kids-this mag shows you how to do it!

Favorite American Travel Magazine

I travel quite frequently, and this magazine provides LOADS of useful information. They always have good coverage of American travel destinations, usually about equally split with international holiday spots. Budget Travel succeeds greatly in capturing the feel of the place they are reporting on, along with quite a few "insider" tips. I like to know where locals like to go, I don't want to be scammed by tourists spots. I have already gone to several restaurants and places recommended by them and stayed at two hotels, and have been very pleased. My only gripe is somethings aren't always completely in a budget catagory, but thankfully those are far and few between. If you love this magazine also check out Lonely Planets travel magazine, which is my all time favorite travel mag.

Excellent Resource for Budget Travel

I save every issue of this magazine! It is an excellent source of budget information for both national and international travel. There are many great monthly articles from simple travel tips to ones that offer huge savings on worldwide destinations. Enjoy your travels for less...

Great magazine

I've read a few different travel magazines, and this one is by far the best. It has great articles, stories, tips, and ideas. I will be renewing my subscription to this one.

A great magazine...

What I like about this magazine is that it does not focus on mainstream attractions and destinations. It tries to go off the beaten path, and provides many suggestions of places to visit, restaurants to eat at, and even specific places to shop. Not only that, on every issue they have a list of awesome travel tips provided by travelers. In addition they list great travel specials and the corresponding websites. I've been a subscriber for approximately 6 months, and I have to say that I enjoy this magazine.

A travel magazine for the middle class

I've been a subscriber for two years and LOVE this magazine. Great info and profiles on destinations for real people.

Hilarious True Stories section

In the back of this magazine is a terrific "true stories" section about mis-adventures and lucky situations that occur while traveling. They are laugh-out-loud funny! I love reading them to my kids. The pictures with the stories are priceless such as the chicken that built a nest under a Popeye's Fried Chicken drive-through.

Great magazine

What can I say. Budget Travel is a great magazine, but has too many ads. There are many tips and tricks that are discussed in the magazines issues that are important. I would order it again.