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Aquarium Fish

The monthly magazine for both novice and expert aquarium hobbyists. Aquarium Fish provides information on choosing, caring for and breeding freshwater and marine fish. Aquarium Fish covers both new and existing products, techniques and advances for maintaining freshwater, marine and pond habitats.

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Customer Reviews

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    Aquarium Fish Magazine

    If you are into Fish, Aquariums or just "thinking" about joining this highly popular hobby, Then you definately need this magazine. With its clear and easy to read topics cover all aspects of fish keeping it is simply a must have.
    Articles included each and every month on subjects of Ponds, Freshwater Fish, Saltwater fish and even Reef Keeping.
    Monthly articles cover subjects for both the experienced hobbyist as well as the beginner. The pictures and illustrations are first rate. The "help" sections as well as the extensive feedback area provides helpful hints in areas which you may not have even thought of yet.
    There are other...

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    Just the place to find answers to fishy questions!

    If you have an aquarium in your home, you should really read through at least one issue of this very informative magazine. Yes, some of the articles are much more geared to those who are REALLY into fish, but there is also a lot of general information here that can be useful to the average hobbyist as well.

    A recent issue we picked up at the pet store carried articles on setting up plants to bennifit the fish, feeding tips, what fish go best together, multi-tank setups and cleaning the bottom. Articles that can be of use if you have a 5 gal tank or several 100 gal ones.

    Most of the articles are written in easy to understand terms, so that...

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    Just starting an aquarium, here's valuable advice!

    As a longtime reader of Aquarium Fish magazine, I cannot recommend it highly enough for the beginning aquarist. It is filled with factual, helpful articles on freshwater and saltwater fish. Even the advertisements are filled with helpful information about filtration systems and places to order hard to find specimens. Every so often, there are articles aimed at the total novice, but most assume some basic knowledge of fishkeeping. There is also a section on pondkeeping, and a question and answer format where readers ask advice from the editors. The first year I had an aquarium, I referred to my back issues on a regular basis for help on dealing with...

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